Eddie Hearn Advocates for Conor McGregor’s Octagon Return

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Eddie Hearn: ‘If it were me, I’m bringing Conor McGregor back whatever it costs’

Eddie Hearn is eager to witness Conor McGregor’s return to the octagon. Known for his shrewd promotional skills in combat sports, the Matchroom boxing chief has collaborated with numerous boxing icons and orchestrated some of the most memorable events in recent times.

However, McGregor stands out with his unparalleled brand—a UFC luminary who holds the record as the sport’s highest-grossing pay-per-view attraction, boasting global recognition.

Hearn, who has cultivated an amicable business rapport with McGregor over the past year, expresses his desire to see the Irishman back in action now that he has recuperated from a severe leg injury sustained in the summer of 2021.

However, he notes that the delay likely stems from protracted negotiations at the highest echelons of both parties.

Eddie Hearn
Eddie Hearn (Credits: DAZN)

Despite the complexities, Hearn offers a straightforward piece of advice to McGregor’s UFC counterpart, Dana White: pay the man.

“There comes a juncture where, occasionally, you have to meet their demands because it’s in the best interest of the sport and its business,” Hearn conveyed to Ariel Helwani on a recent episode of The MMA Hour, as reported by MMA Fighting. “Perhaps I could earn more from a smaller-scale event than promoting Canelo Alvarez, but what impact does it have on my business? On DAZN? On my reputation with fighters and my ability to sign emerging Mexican talents?”

Hearn underscores the necessity of sometimes making financial concessions for the greater good of the industry.

“Often, you have to take a hit to deliver,” he asserted. “If it were up to me—although it isn’t, and Dana certainly doesn’t need my counsel—but I’d bring McGregor back, no matter the cost. He injects a fervor and vitality into the UFC unlike anyone else. No other figure in the sport can elevate it like Conor McGregor. When he returns, the press conferences, the buildup, the business’s value, the ratings, the pay-per-view figures—all skyrocket.”

While acknowledging that negotiations with prominent athletes can entail negotiation tactics and bargaining, Hearn emphasizes that striking a deal is ultimately beneficial for all parties involved, particularly the fans whose enthusiasm underpins the entire endeavor.

“Conor can be a handful, there’s no denying that. A legend. A master self-promoter,” Hearn admitted. “But his potential impact on the UFC—sometimes, when dealing with major corporations, like TKO, there may be hurdles. ‘This is the offer.’ Similar to what transpired with Ngannou, really. ‘Take it or leave it. This is your opportunity. You won’t find anything better.’ And he took it… he secured the bag. But for Conor, whatever it requires, I’m bringing him back because he possesses a unique ability. And he’s fully aware of it.”


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