Anthony Smith Wants to Fight Alex Pereira

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Anthony Smith eyes future fight with Alex Pereira: “I would step in the fire with him”

Anthony Smith is eagerly eyeing a future bout with Alex Pereira, the reigning light heavyweight champion, following their previous exchanges. Smith believes that a matchup between them would excite fans, expressing his willingness to engage in a thrilling showdown with Pereira.

He sees a potential fight as an opportunity for both of them, suggesting that they share a mutual recognition of each other’s skills and a desire to compete.

In a recent interview with Submission Radio, Smith reiterated his eagerness to face Pereira, emphasizing their previous verbal exchanges while acknowledging that there’s no substantial animosity between them.

Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith

He envisions a scenario where both fighters seize the chance to compete if circumstances align, hinting at a possible clash fueled by mutual respect and a competitive spirit. Smith recognizes himself as one of the few fighters who would willingly engage in a stand-up battle with Pereira, a testament to his confidence in his abilities.

Smith anticipates an entertaining fight against Pereira, expressing his readiness to stand and trade blows with the Brazilian. However, he acknowledges that he needs to compile a series of victories to earn a shot at the championship.

Despite recent setbacks, including a knockout loss to Khalil Rountree, Smith remains optimistic about his prospects, believing that his fighting style and the history between him and Pereira could expedite his path to a title shot.

Scheduled to compete at UFC 301 against Vitor Petrino, Smith aims to reignite his momentum following his previous defeat. His upcoming fight presents an opportunity to showcase his skills and make a case for a future matchup with Pereira.

With a determination to bounce back from adversity, Smith remains focused on his goal of securing significant victories to position himself as a worthy contender in the light heavyweight division.


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