Jamahal Hill Rethinks Referee Herb Dean’s UFC 300 Decision: Says It Makes Him Pause Before Listening to Refs

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Jamahal Hill changes tune on referee Herb Dean’s non-stoppage at UFC 300: “It makes me think before obeying a ref’s command!”

Jamahal Hill recently revisited his initial stance on referee Herb Dean’s decision during UFC 300 in an interview with The Schmo. Hill expressed a shift in perspective, emphasizing the importance of obeying the referee’s commands in addition to protecting oneself at all times.

He noted that while he stopped when instructed by Dean, his opponent continued to close the distance, showcasing a competitive advantage that Hill wishes he had recognized and defended against.

Hill acknowledged that he would have preferred a cleaner reset from Dean following the stoppage, expressing discontent with the referee seemingly granting his opponent control of the Octagon.

Jamahal Hill
Jamahal Hill

This experience has led Hill to reconsider blindly obeying a referee’s commands in future fights, as he reflects on the impact it had on his performance against Alex Pereira at UFC 300. However, he clarified that he isn’t making excuses but rather identifying areas for improvement in his approach to following referee instructions during bouts.

Despite the controversial outcome of UFC 300, Hill is eager for an opportunity to redeem himself in the Octagon. He is slated to face Khalil Rountree at UFC 303, an event headlined by a highly anticipated matchup between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler. This upcoming fight presents Hill with a chance to showcase his skills and potentially earn a rematch with Pereira.

A strong showing against Rountree could pave the way for a rematch with Pereira, with the controversy surrounding UFC 300 likely becoming a focal point of the pre-fight narrative. As Hill prepares for his next bout, he aims to learn from his past experiences and demonstrate his resilience inside the Octagon, seeking redemption and an opportunity to rectify the outcome of his previous fight.


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