Antony Dropped by Brazil National Team Amidst Allegations of Abuse: Manchester United Winger’s Status

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Antony dropped out of Brazil team.
Antony dropped out of Brazil team.(Credit: GettyImages)

Brazil is releasing Manchester United winger Antony after his previous girlfriend reported him of assaulting her.

The 23-year-old had been dropped from the team, according to the Brazilian Football Federation, after “facts became public” that “need to be investigated.”

Allegations made by Antony’s ex-partner were made public on Monday by the Brazilian news outlet UOL.

Police in Greater Manchester and Sao Paulo are looking into the allegations, which the player has denied.

On social media, Antony announced, “I can calmly state that the accusations are false and that the other evidence that will be produced will demonstrate that I am innocent of the accusations made.”

“I trust that the ongoing police investigations will demonstrate the truth about my innocence.”

Antony is charged with assaulting Gabriela Cavallin, his ex-girlfriend, “with a headbutt” on January 15 at a hotel room in Manchester, leaving her with a cut head that required medical attention.

She further claims that a punch to the chest damaged a silicone breast implant, needing corrective surgery.

Manchester United under pressure after Brazil removed Antony
Manchester United is under pressure now after Brazil removed Antony via Getty Images.

However, Antony tried to show that despite their “tumultuous” relationship, he “never committed any physical aggression” in his statement on Monday.

In June, a statement was made by him claiming that his ex-girlfriend had accused him unfairly of domestic abuse.

According to Greater Manchester Police (GMP), investigations are still ongoing to determine the circumstances behind this claim, even though they are “aware of the allegations made.”

We won’t be making any further comments at this time, it continued.

When contacted by BBC Sport about the situation, Manchester United stated that they have nothing to say at this time.


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