Lionel Messi News: Major League Soccer hasn’t diminished Messi’s motivation to perform

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Inter Miami Team lifting the cup
Inter Miami Team lifting the cup (Credits: Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Shortly after winning the World Cup, everyone believed that it was the end of an era for Messi. Now he has won every big title, so he is gonna play half-heartedly just for fun.

There were speculations of Messi joining Barcelona, his former team, or Al-Hilal in the Saudi league, but when he joined Inter Miami, I doubted whether he would enjoy football here because he is used to playing for the most important trophies and with the best players in the world.

Messi standing of the pitch.
Lionel Messi standing on the pitch (Credits: by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Leonel Messi has achieved every major trophy in his career

Although I believed that Messi would have an impact on the field, even at 36 years of age, he is better than most of the players playing now. I doubted that he would care about football in MLS.

After going through an emotional roller coaster, from losing to Germany in the last few minutes at the 2014 World Cup finals and getting ruled out in the league stage of the 2018 World Cup, to winning it with his magic in 2022, With seven Ballon d’Or awards and no more major trophies to win, Messi completed football.

Messi with Ballon D'Or
Lionel Messi with Ballon D’Or (Credits: Kristy Sparow/Getty Images)

Messi is being honest with his game

After seeing him play 11 matches with Inter Miami, I would say I was wrong. Messi does care. He took Inter Miami to victory and clashed with the opponents, both verbally and on the field. He has scolded his teammates for ill-times passes, selfish dribbling, or for failing to find him in parts of the field where he does his work the best.

Messi has an unending appetite for football, and his honesty towards football inspires the modern generation. In this last chapter of his career, he is giving his best on the pitch.

“I came here to play, to continue enjoying football, which is what I’ve loved my entire life,” Messi told the reporters during his press conference on August 17, “I was very excited when I arrived. I was very happy and motivated to continue to earn positive results, the way that I have my entire career.”

Inter Miami’s play has improved exponentially after the inclusion of Messi in the team. he has not only been a captain but also a mentor for the whole team, and he has led by example.

Jordi Alba, who played with Messi both at Barcelona and now with Miami, said, “He’s the same player. Leo is a very demanding person. He wants to win. He competes in every training session and in every match. It’s true that he just won a World Cup, but he won’t change.”

Messi is in love with football, but at the same time, he is mature enough to understand the demand that comes with being the best player on the planet. He knows that his every move is scrutinized around the world, and he can make a huge impact on MLS.

Messi is happy in Miami, and his presence on the pitch makes it clear that his magic is working.


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