Are WWE Wrestlers Independent Contractors? Explained

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WWE is surely a mecca of what all wrestlers desire to do, and definitely, there is no other promotion in the business that could capture the imagination of worldwide fans, and thus they have to sign the elusive contract. As fans, now everyone knows that they are independent contractors.

As of 2022,  WWE has employed over 1000 full-time employees, which will be a part of its business operations and even contract with multiple vendors and service providers. WWE has defined their wrestlers are independent contractors where contracts for all the wrestlers range from short developmental to even multi-year deals.

Are WWE Wrestlers Independent Contractors?

WWE wrestlers are indeed independent contractors, which is why they are paid by the WWE and, on the other hand, are responsible for all their own expenses. There are always both negative and positive aspects of being an independent contractor.

The life and career of a WWE superstar are so entertaining and intertwined. The times when people have to wear decent clothes in their office, on the other side, the wrestlers have to find colorful get over to stand out.

What are the Advantages of Being an Independent Contractor?

One of the best and foremost advantages of WWE wrestlers being independent contractors is that comparatively, they get paid more money and no taxes are taken out, no money comes out for any sort of saving plans, no money for any kind of insurance, and all the money that company guarantees you to pay is purely yours. Obviously, now one can say that they are paid so much more than an average worker.

Wrestlers don’t have a queue line for taxes to be paid as they are tax-free, which means they don’t need to pay the taxes like an average worker.

They have to pay taxes outright. The reason most wrestlers live in Florida is because it is one of the nine united states that does not have a requirement for income tax. They get to negotiate their own contracts and pay plans which is one of the advantages.

WWE independent contractors (Credits: Gizmodo)

What are the Disadvantages of being an Independent Contractor?

One of the biggest downsides of being an independent contractor is that there is no union formed that is always there to protect you or save you in the worst circumstances.

One of the wrestler called, Rob Van Dam, tells all his fans that, in reality, the union would actually lead to lessen in wrestlers’ pay and may even stop a chance of advocating superstars.

The other drawback is that they are not even allowed to go to work for other prominent promotions, and even though there are no forbidden doors for the WWE superstars but what work is expected from a WWE superstar is to be vetted through the company and be loyal enough.

Even by any chance, the superstar finds a job on their own, they still need to get clearance from the WWE authorities. They don’t even have health insurance of their own and thus need to get better coverage for their health.

WWE wrestlers are supposed to be responsible for their own travels, and there are no authorities to plan for them. Some of the wrestlers have been using the bus for several years as a medium of travel while others rent a car, drive or drive across hell to get to the next town or place. Be it any transport planes, trains, or cars, and all wrestlers are responsible for their own commute.

Thus, WWE wrestlers being independent contractors have benefits with disadvantages, but they still live and experience a better life than an average worker.


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