Are WWE and UFC Merging? Explained

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Merging WWE and UFC (Credits: MMA news)

WWE, the world wrestling entertainment, also known as wrestle mania, is surely one of the most famous and biggest events in the calendar of professional wrestling. The nights of glitz, glamour, and grunting pugilist always turn out to be an amazing event and somewhat prophetic.

On April 2, the news hovered that WWE was to be sold out to a Hollywood talent agency, and this happened on the second day of Wrestlemania 39.

Are WWE and UFC Merging?

It was recently sold out to Endeavor, and is also known as Ultimate Fighting Championship, and it is to merge the two iconic global sports and most popular entertainment brands that is UFC and WWE, in order to form a new US $21 plus billion live and amazing entertainment and sports company.

In January 2023, Vince McMahon being the major shareholder of WWE also declared that he had pursued the sale of the company, and he even mentioned that there will be no shortage of speculated suitors.

It was the ownership of UFC that gave a chance to the endeavor, and while liberty media holds an interest in global sports, meanwhile, there was already a substantial cross-over of audience between the WWE and UFC, which was definitely prior to their merger.

Who Will be running the show?

There was a time when Vince McMahon retired from his position as WWE chairman in July 2022 after it was revealed by the wall street journal that he had almost paid $12 million money in a real hush to four women.

This payment included non-disclosure agreements which were to there in order to  prevent public revelation of alleged sexual misconduct, but McMahon even denied the allegations as, according to his lawyer, he settled solely to stay away from the cost of litigation.

Now being a integral part of  WWE-UFC merger, Vince McMahon will become the executive chairman of this new company, and the current CEO of WWE, Nick Khan, will come to the position of the president, and the UFC president Dana White will remain in the same position.

WWE and UFC merging?
WWE and UFC merging (Credits: TMZ)

The merger, which is combining the WWE and UFC, will now be operating under a new company called TKO group which will schedule to go public on the stock exchange, and that too before the end of 2023.

The TKO group holding and banners will also see broadcasts right deals that is surely on the way for both UFC and WWE, which may ultimately lead to an even bigger evaluation for the company in the future.

The time when the first quarter results for Endeavor were released on May 9, all the present executives stated that the deal for the merging of UFC (Ultimate fighting championship) and WWE (World wrestling entertainment) should hopefully be finalized soon in the second half of 2023 with the assumption that all regulatory hurdles would be cleared.

In a nutshell, this is, of course, a rare and the best opportunity to create an entertainment pure built and global live sports for the area where the industry is heading at this point of the present.

For over a decade, Vince and its team have always demonstrated an extraordinary rerecord of innovation and especially shareholder value creation. Thus all are confident enough that endeavor can and will deliver significant additional value for all the shareholders that are bringing UFC and WWE together this year.


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