Barcelona Boss Calls for Real Madrid Match Replay if VAR Mistake Uncovered

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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona's President Joan Laporta (Credit: FC Barcelona)

Barcelona’s president, Joan Laporta, insists that if a VAR error is confirmed to have led to the disallowance of Lamine Yamal’s goal in Sunday’s Clásico against Real Madrid, the match should be replayed. The controversial moment occurred when Yamal’s shot was cleared by Madrid goalkeeper Andriy Lunin, with VAR ruling it did not cross the line, despite no goal-line technology being in use in La Liga.

In a statement released on Monday, Laporta expressed the club’s determination to investigate the incident thoroughly. He emphasized the importance of ensuring fairness and transparency in the sport, stating that Barcelona will request all available footage and audio related to the incident for analysis.

Lunin’s controversial goal-line clearance (Credit: 3News)

If it’s determined that an error occurred, Laporta affirmed that Barcelona will take appropriate measures to rectify the situation, including legal action if necessary.

Laporta referenced a similar situation in European football where a match between Anderlecht and Genk was replayed due to a VAR error. He highlighted the need for accountability and fair play, citing past instances where VAR decisions have been contentious.

Laporta mentioned several other incidents during the Clásico that Barcelona disagreed with and believed should have been reviewed by VAR. Both Barcelona’s coach, Xavi Hernández, and goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen criticized the absence of goal-line technology in La Liga, labeling it as “embarrassing.”

Laporta’s statement sparked astonishment and surprise from Real Madrid, who viewed it as a strategic move to appease Barcelona supporters.

However, Laporta maintains that the club’s actions are driven by a commitment to upholding fairness and integrity in football, especially in crucial matches like the Clásico.


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