French Basketball Figure Calls For Ban On Joel Embiid From Olympics Due To Personal Dislike

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Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid during an NBA match(Credit: Getty Images)

Joel Embiid’s journey to potentially play for France in the 2024 Olympic basketball tournament stirred controversy, especially after he opted to represent Team USA instead. Despite being granted French citizenship, Embiid’s decision disappointed many in the French basketball community.

Among those expressing discontent is former French Olympian Frederic Weis, famously remembered for an NBA dunk incident. Weis voiced strong opposition to Embiid’s naturalization process, accusing him of exploiting his athletic prowess to gain citizenship unfairly. He went as far as advocating for Embiid’s banishment from the Olympics and even suggested denying him entry into France.

Joesl Embiid
NBA star Joel Embiid during a match (Credit: Liberty Ballers)

Weis’s sentiments reflect broader concerns about the fairness of FIBA’s naturalization rules, particularly regarding players like Embiid, who, while not born in the United States, have strong ties to the country. However, Weis’s proposal to ban Embiid seems extreme and impractical, bordering on absurdity.

Despite the controversy, Embiid’s decision adds spice to the upcoming Olympic tournament, especially with the potential clash between Team USA and France. While Weis’s anger may fuel anticipation for the matchup, it’s unlikely to result in any concrete action against Embiid.


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