Binder Finds Comfort with Bike Setup Breakthrough in Jerez MotoGP Practice

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Binder “had my bike back” in Jerez MotoGP practice breakthrough

Brad Binder, the South African rider, commenced the season in Qatar with promising performances, securing podium finishes in both the sprint and grand prix. However, his subsequent races have been marked by a lack of podium appearances.

In the American leg of the season, Binder encountered setbacks due to setup changes that failed to yield the desired results. This led to his failure to progress beyond Q1 and a modest ninth-place finish in the Grand Prix.

At the Jerez circuit, Binder faced a crash during the second practice session on Friday, which relegated him to Q1. Despite this setback, Binder expressed optimism about the changes made to the front end of his RC16 bike, noting a significant improvement in his riding experience. He credited these tweaks for restoring his confidence, particularly in braking and corner entry, describing his performance throughout the day as notably strong.

Binder Finds Comfort with Bike Setup Breakthrough in Jerez MotoGP Practice
Binder Finds Comfort with Bike Setup Breakthrough in Jerez MotoGP Practice (Credits: Motorsport)

Binder’s confidence in the bike’s modifications was evident as he pushed to secure a competitive lap time. Unfortunately, he suffered a crash due to unexpected wind conditions, which compromised his qualifying session. Despite the setback, Binder remained positive, highlighting the substantial improvement in his lap times and expressing confidence in the team’s overall performance.

Reflecting on his crash at Jerez, Binder acknowledged the fortunate outcome, considering the severity of the incident. He recognized his luck in escaping with only a minor foot injury, emphasizing the potentially more serious consequences of the crash.

Despite the setback, Binder’s resilience and determination remained evident as he looked ahead to future races, buoyed by the positive developments in bike setup and performance.

Binder’s experience at Jerez represented a turning point in his season, marked by both challenges and notable improvements. While the crash hindered his qualifying performance, the positive changes to his bike setup provided renewed confidence and optimism for upcoming races.

With his focus on recovery and continued development, Binder aims to capitalize on these improvements and strive for stronger performances in the remaining races of the season.


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