Verstappen Praises DTM Protege Vermeulen’s Close Performance Margin

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Verstappen on DTM protege Vermeulen: He is always within two tenths of me

Thierry Vermeulen, entering his second season in the DTM with Emil Frey Racing, aims to build on his rookie campaign’s foundation. Partnered with Racing, the 21-year-old Dutch racer seeks to capitalize on his mentor Max Verstappen’s guidance and expertise.

Verstappen, a triple F1 champion, believes in Vermeulen’s potential to improve upon his 2023 performance and consistently compete at the front of the grid in the DTM.

Vermeulen’s racing journey began in 2020 in GT4 racing, and he swiftly transitioned to the DTM, combining it with a drive in the GT World Challenge Europe series. Despite his relative newcomer status, Verstappen highlights Vermeulen’s speed and talent, acknowledging his ongoing learning curve against more seasoned competitors like Kelvin van der Linde and Marco Wittmann.

Verstappen Praises DTM Protege Vermeulen's Close Performance Margin
Verstappen Praises DTM Protege Vermeulen’s Close Performance Margin (Credits: Motorsport)

Acknowledging Vermeulen’s need for experience, Verstappen emphasizes the importance of patience in his development. However, Vermeulen’s fearlessness in high-speed corners and his rapid learning curve showcase his promising talent.

Regular communication between Verstappen and Vermeulen, including data sharing and simulator training, underscores their collaborative effort to enhance Vermeulen’s performance.

Verstappen’s recent test sessions in Emil Frey’s Ferrari GT3 car at Portimao aimed to aid Vermeulen’s development, highlighting the team’s commitment to nurturing young talent.

Despite the Ferrari 296 GT3’s impressive performance, its success on the track is influenced by Balance of Performance (BoP) regulations, adding another layer of complexity to Vermeulen’s competitive landscape. Adaptability to varying BoP conditions becomes crucial for maximizing performance.

As Vermeulen prepares for the upcoming DTM season, supported by Verstappen’s mentorship and Emil Frey Racing’s resources, the young driver faces the challenge of translating potential into consistent on-track success. With continued guidance, training, and strategic adaptation to racing conditions, Vermeulen aims to establish himself as a competitive force in the DTM championship.


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