Brandon Beane on Chiefs Trade: Didn’t Care Who They Picked

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Brandon Beane on trade with Chiefs: Didn’t matter to us who they were picking

Buffalo Bills fans were initially hopeful for their team to select a wide receiver with the No. 28 pick in the NFL draft. However, they were left disappointed when the Bills announced they were trading the pick. T

he disappointment was amplified by the fact that the trading partner was the Kansas City Chiefs, who have been a source of frustration for Bills fans due to playoff eliminations in recent years. Additionally, memories of a previous draft-day trade with the Chiefs that resulted in Patrick Mahomes’ arrival in Kansas City likely added to fans’ frustration.

The Chiefs, seizing the opportunity to address their need for a speedy wide receiver, moved up from the 32nd pick and selected Xavier Worthy. This move further fueled disappointment among Bills fans, considering the Bills’ own need for a receiver at that spot in the draft.

However, Buffalo did acquire a third-round pick from the Chiefs in the deal, and subsequently traded out of the first round altogether while gaining an additional fifth-round pick from the Panthers.

Brandon Beane
Brandon Beane (Credits: Audacy)

Buffalo Bills General Manager Brandon Beane emphasized the significance of the additional draft assets acquired through these trades, stating that the team now has multiple picks in the second, third, fourth, and fifth rounds. This abundance of picks provides flexibility for the Bills to address various needs, either by selecting players or using the picks as trade leverage during the draft.

With the first pick of the second round, the Bills have ample opportunities to address their roster needs and potentially make further trades with teams looking to move up in the draft.

The pressure is on for the Bills to make a successful pick and appease fans who were disappointed with the team’s actions on Thursday night. A successful selection would go a long way in quieting criticism surrounding the team’s draft strategy.


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