Nick Saban says Alabama Wanted Toledo’s Quinyon Mitchell on Their Team During The 2024 NFL Draft

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During 2024 NFL Draft coverage, Nick Saban admits Alabama wanted Toledo CB Quinyon Mitchell to transfer to the Tide

During ESPN’s NFL Draft coverage, Nick Saban shared insights into college football coaches’ strategies regarding the transfer portal. Saban, the former Alabama coach, disclosed that Alabama had targeted Toledo cornerback Quinyon Mitchell during his college career, despite Mitchell never entering the transfer portal.

Saban’s revelation suggests that coaches actively scout potential transfer targets even before players officially enter the portal.

Mitchell, who remained with Toledo throughout his college career, was highly sought after, with Alabama considering him their top target in the portal last year. Despite the interest from other schools, Mitchell opted to stay with Toledo. His selection as one of the first defensive players in the draft, going 22nd overall to the Philadelphia Eagles, underscored his talent and potential.

Nick Saban
Nick Saban

Saban’s forthright disclosure regarding Alabama’s pursuit of Mitchell provides a window into the covert operations of college football coaching teams. Now serving as an analyst for ESPN after retiring from his position at Alabama, Saban consistently delivers valuable insights.

His recent revelation concerning Mitchell’s recruitment sheds light on the meticulous tactics employed by coaching staffs across the collegiate football landscape.

While Saban did not elaborate on the specifics of how Alabama would have approached Mitchell or those around him regarding the transfer portal, his comments shed light on the extensive scouting done by coaching staffs across the country. This practice of monitoring potential transfer targets well before they announce their intentions to transfer is common in college football but is not often discussed publicly.

Saban’s openness about this aspect of college football coaching, especially on a prominent platform like ESPN, may surprise some fans. However, it serves as a reminder of the competitive nature of recruiting and the lengths to which coaching staffs go to secure talent, even if it means targeting players who have not expressed a desire to transfer.


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