Bronny James believes he can manage the heightened pressure of playing for the Los Angeles Lakers alongside his renowned father

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Bronny Hames listens to the questions from the media

Bronny James has clarified that his decision to enter the NBA draft was not influenced by the opportunity to play alongside his famous father, LeBron James. Despite being selected by the Los Angeles Lakers, Bronny expressed confidence in handling the added attention and pressure that comes with making basketball history as part of the James family.

“I’m focused on establishing my own identity,” Bronny remarked on Tuesday. “My goal is to improve every day and earn my place. While playing with my dad is special, it wasn’t my primary motivation.”

The Lakers officially introduced Bronny James and their first-round pick, Dalton Knecht, in a press conference at their training facility. Bronny was chosen as the 55th overall pick, setting the stage for a potential NBA first—a father-son duo playing simultaneously in the league, let alone on the same team.

Acknowledging the heightened scrutiny, Bronny acknowledged, “There’s definitely more pressure. I’ve seen the discussions on social media about whether I deserve this opportunity. But I’ve faced challenges all my life, so I’m prepared to handle it.”

LeBron James attends a news conference

Bronny reiterated that his decision to enter the NBA wasn’t solely due to his father’s career and dismissed notions on social media that his draft selection by the Lakers was a move to secure LeBron’s tenure with the team.

As the eldest son of LeBron James, the NBA’s leading career scorer, Bronny enters the league as his father is poised to potentially return to the Lakers for another season, despite being a free agent after declining his player option.

LeBron James quietly observed his son’s introductory press conference at the Lakers’ training complex.

Bronny mentioned he feels better prepared for the challenges ahead due to “things that (LeBron) has been teaching me my whole life. Like having a strong work ethic, putting in the work, listening to coaches, and being coachable. He’s instilled those values in me since I was young.”

Bronny James confidently addressed questions about his transition straight to the NBA after a brief college basketball stint. He had an up-and-down season at USC following a scary heart issue in July 2023.

Bronny James speaks during the NBA news conference

“During the time off, I believe I could have improved my game even more,” Bronny stated. “I’m eager for the opportunity to show what I can really do because I didn’t have much of a chance at USC. I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.”

Instead of another year in college, Bronny plans to develop his skills within the Lakers’ player development system under new coach JJ Redick. Redick, hired last month by general manager Rob Pelinka, stressed the importance of nurturing talent within the organization.

“Rob and I didn’t hand anything to Bronny,” Redick emphasized. “He earned this through hard work. We’re prioritizing player development, and Bronny is a prime example. His instincts, athleticism, defense, shooting, passing—there’s a lot to like about his game. As we expand our player development program, he has the potential to excel in the NBA.”

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