Colombia tied Brazil 1-1 and will now face Panama in the quarterfinals, while Seleção will take on Uruguay

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Luis Diaz gestures the fans after the goal

Colombia coach Néstor Lorenzo urged his team to stay focused and energetic throughout their intense match against Brazil. The game lasted two hot halves of soccer plus nearly 10 minutes of added time.

“We all aimed to showcase our strong moments of play, and I believe we made progress,” Lorenzo commented. “Against Brazil, you can’t afford to lose concentration even for a moment.”

Daniel Muñoz scored Colombia’s equalizer just before halftime, securing a 1-1 draw that extended their unbeaten streak to 26 games and allowed them to top their Copa America group.

Goalkeeper Camilo Vargas crucially saved Brazil’s final chance in stoppage time, ensuring Colombia’s advancement to the quarterfinals against Panama on Saturday in Glendale, Arizona. Meanwhile, Brazil faces a tough match against Uruguay later the same evening in Las Vegas.

Vinicius Junior takes control of the ball

“It will be challenging against Uruguay, and they know they’ll face a tough test against Brazil,” remarked Brazil coach Dorival Júnior.

Colombia, finishing with seven points compared to Brazil’s five, had opportunities late in the game but couldn’t convert. Brazil had taken the lead early with a stunning free kick from Raphinha in the 12th minute.

The match, anticipated to be tense and full of fouls, lived up to expectations with five yellow cards shown. The atmosphere was electric with fans of both nations filling the stadium, although there were delays in entry due to overheating scanning equipment.


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