Chase McQueen’s Road to Victory: Preparations and Expectations for the Supertri E World Championship

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Chase McQueen on the challenge of the supertri E World Championship

The article highlights Chase McQueen’s preparations and expectations ahead of the supertri E World Championship powered by Zwift at the London Aquatics Centre.

As the winner of the previous Arena Games Triathlon in Montreal, McQueen returns to the capital aiming for success without resorting to unconventional tactics like swimming Butterfly. He discusses his training regimen, emphasizing specific preparations over the past three weeks in Boulder, combining indoor and outdoor sessions to fine-tune his fitness for the event.

McQueen acknowledges the slim margins for error in supertri E racing, noting the differences from standard triathlons and the potential for unexpected factors to influence outcomes. He highlights the significance of managing effort levels strategically, particularly in the preliminary rounds where securing a top-two position is crucial. However, he also recognizes the need for adaptability, understanding that circumstances may demand swift adjustments to his tactics based on competition and conditions.

In terms of his ideal strategy, McQueen aims to conserve energy where possible, particularly on the swim segment, to ensure he’s well-prepared for the bike and run stages.

Chase McQueen
Chase McQueen (Credits: Slow Witch)

He acknowledges the intensity of the format, especially in the final rounds, where maintaining a high level of performance becomes increasingly challenging. Despite the demands, McQueen is determined to give his best effort, recognizing the competitive field and the high standards required to claim the world title.

The absence of notable athletes like Jonathan Brownlee is noted, with McQueen expressing admiration for Brownlee’s influence on the sport and expressing regret at not being able to compete against him in London. However, McQueen also identifies potential breakout stars among the younger American athletes participating in the event, highlighting their individual strengths and capabilities in different disciplines.

Chase McQueen
Chase McQueen (Credits: Supertri)

In terms of mental preparation, McQueen describes his pre-race routine, which includes visualization exercises, a morning shakeout run, and drawing motivation from past training sessions and support from his team.

He humorously mentions his reliance on double espressos and a diet of white rice leading up to the race, highlighting the personal rituals and routines that help him prepare both physically and mentally for competition.


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