Katie Zaferes Talks supertri E Debut: No Strategy, Just Go Hard All the Way

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Kate Zaferes on her supertri E debut – “no tactics, just go hard, start to finish”

Katie Zaferes, a prominent figure in the triathlon world, boasts a remarkable track record with accolades such as the 2019 World Triathlon champion title and medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. As she gears up for her debut in the indoor format at the supertri E World Championship, set to take place at the London Aquatics Centre, she reflects on her preparation and mindset leading up to the event.

Despite her extensive experience, Zaferes acknowledges the novelty of the indoor format and its associated uncertainties. However, she expresses confidence in her training regimen, which includes regular sessions along with utilizing a self-propelling treadmill to bolster her confidence.

Embracing the challenge, she emphasizes the importance of trusting her preparation and focusing on her performance amidst the unfamiliarity of the format.

Katie Zaferes
Katie Zaferes (Credits: TRI247)

The prospect of venturing into uncharted territory excites Zaferes, who views it as an opportunity for personal growth. While acknowledging the discomfort of the unknown, she finds excitement in pushing her boundaries and adapting to new challenges. With shorter race durations, she sees the event as a chance to test her capabilities in condensed bursts of intensity, a departure from the standard triathlon format.

Zaferes relishes the vibrant atmosphere of supertri events, which she finds both intense and invigorating. Anticipating a blend of intensity and camaraderie, she looks forward to experiencing the unique dynamics of the supertri/World Triathlon combination. Despite the intensity of the competition, she appreciates the relaxed ambiance and camaraderie among athletes, reminiscent of previous Super League races.

In terms of strategy, Zaferes opts for a straightforward approach, eschewing complex tactics in favor of giving her all from start to finish. With the brevity of the races leaving little room for strategic maneuvers, she prioritizes maintaining a relentless pace throughout. Her focus lies on delivering a consistent and powerful performance without overthinking tactical intricacies.

Katie Zaferes
Katie Zaferes (Credits: TRI 247)

Reflecting on the key to clinching victory, Zaferes underscores the importance of flawless execution and consistency. In a format that offers little margin for error, she emphasizes the need for impeccable racecraft and swift transitions. To emerge victorious, she believes athletes must demonstrate versatility and proficiency across all disciplines, ensuring they remain competitive throughout the demanding competition.

Amidst her anticipation for the event, Zaferes expresses a desire to compete against fellow athlete Jess Learmonth, not only for sporting reasons but also to reconnect personally. As she navigates the final stages of preparation, Zaferes finds solace in the familiar surroundings of London, indulging in simple comforts and rituals to alleviate any pre-race jitters.

With her sights set on the challenge ahead, she approaches the competition with a blend of determination, excitement, and a touch of nostalgia for familiar haunts amidst the thrill of competition.


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