Chelsea Sodaro Makes History as First Woman to Retire from Singapore T100

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Former IRONMAN World Champ Chelsea Sodaro makes an early exit at Singapore T100

Former IRONMAN World Champion Chelsea Sodaro made history by becoming the first woman to retire from the Singapore T100. Despite a promising start to the season with victories at 70.3 Tasmania and IRONMAN New Zealand, her performance in Singapore was plagued by challenges.

The swim leg, led by Britain’s Lucy Charles-Barclay, saw Sodaro trailing by almost four minutes heading into the transition.

Chelsea Sodaro
Chelsea Sodaro (Credits: TRI 247)

On the bike, Sodaro continued to struggle in the sweltering conditions. She faced difficulties even with basic tasks like grabbing a water bottle, indicative of her overall struggles. By the second lap, she had slipped over five minutes behind the leaders. Eventually, Sodaro made the difficult decision to retire from the race.

Her exit from the course, escorted by a rules official, marked the end of her participation in the event. While Sodaro’s retirement comes as a surprise given her past successes, the challenging conditions in Singapore proved too much to overcome. Further details about her retirement may emerge in the future, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding this unexpected turn of events.


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