Kiper Backs Drake Maye as ‘Home Run’ Choice for Patriots in NFL Draft Amid McCarthy Speculation

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Kiper: Drake Maye Would Be ‘Home Run’ for Patriots in NFL Draft amid McCarthy Rumors

In the midst of speculation over the New England Patriots’ draft pick between Drake Maye and J.J. McCarthy, ESPN’s Mel Kiper voiced his opinion, suggesting that selecting Maye would be a “home run” move. Kiper shared his insights on The Next Pats Podcast, highlighting Maye’s potential for greatness compared to McCarthy’s solid but less exceptional prospects.

Maye has been widely regarded as a top-three prospect in the upcoming draft, backed by his impressive performance at North Carolina in 2023, where he accumulated 3,608 passing yards, 24 touchdowns, and nine interceptions. Bleacher Report’s Scouting Department ranks him as the third overall prospect and the top quarterback in the draft class.

Despite Maye’s strong position, McCarthy has emerged as a wildcard in the draft, potentially being one of the first quarterbacks selected. Kiper maintains his stance that Maye is the preferable choice for the Patriots, emphasizing his potential to be a game-changer.

In Bleacher Report’s mock draft, Maye is projected to be picked by the Chicago Bears with the first overall selection. This projection could leave the Patriots with alternative options like Caleb Williams or Jayden Daniels, although McCarthy would likely still be available.

McCarthy, who boasts two seasons as a starter at Michigan, showcased his talent with 2,991 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, and just four interceptions in 2023, leading his team to a national championship. Despite not matching Maye’s statistics, McCarthy’s stock has risen notably in the months leading up to the draft.

Ranked as the 33rd overall prospect and the fourth quarterback in the draft class by Bleacher Report’s Scouting Department, McCarthy is forecasted to be drafted by the Minnesota Vikings at the 11th spot, according to the latest mock draft.

As the Patriots aim to secure a quarterback in the draft, the decision between Maye and McCarthy remains pivotal and uncertain, leaving fans and analysts alike eagerly awaiting the team’s choice on draft night.


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