Chiefs or Bills Likely to Pick Xavier Worthy, Says Betting Odds

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Xavier Worthy
Xavier Worthy

The 2024 NFL draft is generating buzz with Texas wide receiver Xavier Worthy emerging as a top prospect, boasting a Scouting Combine record-setting 4.21-second 40-yard dash. Both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills are frontrunners to draft Worthy, according to betting odds.

This interest is driven by their pressing need for talented wide receivers and Worthy’s potential to make an immediate impact, especially given the late first-round positions of both teams, with the Bills holding the 28th overall pick and the Chiefs the 32nd.

Following closely behind the Chiefs and Bills in the odds is the Miami Dolphins, who stand to benefit greatly from Worthy’s exceptional speed, potentially amplifying their already potent offense and posing significant challenges for opposing defenses.

Xavier Worthy
Xavier Worthy (Credits: Longhorns Wire)

However, several other teams are also eyeing Worthy, with the Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, and New England Patriots all in contention, albeit with slightly longer odds.

Despite the widespread interest, Worthy’s status as a first-round pick is not guaranteed, although he remains the favored pick with a -225 likelihood of being selected in the first round.

This uncertainty adds an element of intrigue to the draft as teams weigh Worthy’s impressive athleticism against other draft prospects and team needs. Ultimately, Worthy’s fate in the draft will depend on various factors, including team evaluations, draft dynamics, and individual player performances leading up to the event.


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