Quartararo Prioritizes Quality in Upcoming Yamaha MotoGP Update

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Quartararo stresses ‘quality over quantity’ with upcoming Yamaha MotoGP update

Yamaha’s start to the 2024 MotoGP season has been challenging, with only 19 points secured across the first three rounds and a best finish of eighth for Fabio Quartararo at the Portuguese Grand Prix. Despite this difficult start, Yamaha has managed to secure Quartararo to a new two-year contract and has significant updates in the pipeline for the upcoming races.

Quartararo acknowledges the busy schedule ahead, with tests scheduled after the Spanish and French Grands Prix. Despite the packed agenda, he remains optimistic about the planned updates and is focused on improving the Yamaha bike’s performance.

While he admits his natural inclination as a competitor is to aim for the best results possible, he recognizes the importance of prioritizing bike development at this stage of the season.

Quartararo Prioritizes Quality in Upcoming Yamaha MotoGP Update
Quartararo Prioritizes Quality in Upcoming Yamaha MotoGP Update (Credits: Motorsport)

When asked about the extent of the updates Yamaha plans to introduce, Quartararo emphasizes the significance of quality over quantity. He highlights the shift in aero designs for the 2024 season and the learning process Yamaha has undergone since then.

While acknowledging the short timeframe for making significant changes, Quartararo expresses confidence in Yamaha’s progress and the potential for improvements in bike performance.

Despite a disappointing 12th-place finish at the Americas GP, Quartararo sees positives from the weekend. He notes that Yamaha has identified the main areas needing improvement, providing clarity on the direction for development.

Quartararo describes the weekend as an opportunity to experiment with various settings on the bike, paving the way for future enhancements. While the focus remains on enhancing the Yamaha bike, Quartararo emphasizes the importance of not becoming fixated solely on immediate race results.


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