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Coach Dan Campbell Stays Committed to Detroit Lions Despite Texas A&M Coaching Speculation: Leading the Team to Best Start Since 2014 with a 7-2 Record

With a stellar 7-2 record, the Detroit Lions are enjoying their best start since 2014 under the guidance of coach Dan Campbell. Despite recent developments at his alma mater, Texas A&M, where Jimbo Fisher was dismissed from the head coaching position on Nov. 12, Campbell has firmly asserted his commitment to the Lions and has no intentions of leaving.

Acknowledging rumors that he may have been considered for the vacant head-coaching role at Texas A&M, Campbell emphasized his loyalty to his current position during a recent statement. “Maybe. But that’s all good. Certainly, I know some people there and I love my school,” he remarked during Friday’s practice. “That’s my alma mater, and I want to do anything I can to help them but coach for them. So, and I’ll do that.”

Dan Campbell
Dan Campbell (Credits: BVM Sports)

Campbell, in his third season as the Lions’ coach, has propelled the team to the top of the NFC North division standings. His coaching prowess has played a pivotal role in Detroit’s impressive performance this season.

During his college years, Campbell was a standout player for the Aggies, earning recognition as a four-year letterman from 1995 to ’98, all while pursuing a degree in agricultural development. Despite his deep connection to Texas A&M, Campbell remains steadfast in his decision not to take on the coaching responsibilities for his alma mater.

While discussing the coaching vacancy at Texas A&M, Campbell refrained from delving into specifics but emphasized the importance of selecting a candidate who understands the state of Texas, is familiar with the history of Texas A&M, and possesses the ability to connect with young athletes. “Certainly, the hire is important, and it needs to be somebody that understands the state of Texas, understands the history of Texas A&M, and can communicate with young people and develop them. I think that’s where it starts. Strong leadership,” he commented.

As the Lions gear up to face the Chicago Bears on Sunday, a victory could mark their best 10-game start since 1962, showcasing the remarkable progress under Coach Dan Campbell’s leadership.



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