Commonwealth Games 2022 Birmingham: Fun Facts About The Host City

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Commonwealth Games 2022 Birmingham
Commonwealth Games 2022 Birmingham

The article is not exactly related to sports but has an indirect relation to it. The Commonwealth Games 2022, Birmingham, are just around the corner, starting on the 28th of July. The city of Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK and the host of this year’s Commonwealth Games. It is home to more than 1.2 million people and is a multi-faceted city. England is expecting more than a million visitors for these games, and Birmingham seems like the perfect choice as the host city. As a multi-cultural city, Birmingham is home to so many sporting events taking place in a single place. So it was a no-brainer to decide which city should host the games.

In the 10-day extravaganza, more than 5,000 athletes will be participating. Record participation in the history of the Commonwealth Games. A total of 238 events will be functioning in the ten-day period, so there will be a lot going around. You need a city that has the essence of hosting games of such stature. A city that gives a sporty feeling gives comfort to the players and the fans that come in such big numbers. Economically, Birmingham has always contributed a lot more to England than any other big city, excluding London. When London had already hosted the 2012 London Olympics, it was time for Birmingham to take the lead.

The article will further dive into some facts about the host city of Commonwealth Games 2022, Birmingham.

Commonwealth Games 2022 Birmingham: Tourism

The tourism factor is one of the biggest this time for the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham. Ever since the pandemic hit a lot of big sporting events, it has been a tough decision to make. Even the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games were under a lot of pressure and thus were delayed by a year. Hopefully, the games will take place smoothly in Birmingham now that the pandemic is not as strong as before. For the players and the tourists coming in, this is a big motivation. The preparations are done, and Birmingham is more than ready to host the games. If we count the entire metropolitan area of the city, the population is over 40 million. Tourists usually keep all these things in mind while preparing their itinerary, and so this city is a great option.

Commonwealth Games 2022 Birmingham Tourism
Commonwealth Games 2022 Birmingham

Commonwealth Games 2022 Birmingham: Culture

The city of Birmingham is culturally very rich. Some of the facts are going to blow your mind. Nobody expected this, but the city has more canals than Venice. This was unexpected, wasn’t it? Especially for tourists, Birmingham has more Michelin-starred restaurants compared to all other cities in England (except London). All these factors surely influence every tourist’s mind, and reading this will make them happy. When free, people can visit the public library, which is the largest in all of Europe. For all the geeks, this is the city for you; ‘pleasure and pleasure’. Traveling is not an issue in and around the city, as it is equipped with all the necessary technology. There are over 2,000 restaurants, and many of them have an outdoor facility as well. I am pretty sure the tourists are going to have a blast in Birmingham.

Commonwealth Games 2022 Birmingham Culture
Commonwealth Games 2022 Birmingham

Reducing Carbon Emissions

The games, specifically this year in Birmingham, have focused primarily on the environment. The government has pledged to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible during the Commonwealth Games. There are fines put in place for those who drive in the dedicated ‘Clean Area Zone’. The per day fine is set at £8.


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