Commonwealth Games 2022 Facts: Everything You Need To Know Is Here

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Commonwealth Games Feature
Commonwealth Games 2022

In exactly a week from now, one of the grand sporting events will commence the Commonwealth Games 2022. Facts are important for everyone to know to keep everyone aware of the correct information. This article deals with the same thing. The time is coming when the entire city will be lit up and celebrating the big occasion. The Commonwealth Games, held every four years, will be held in Birmingham, England, this time. Over the past many years, England has hosted many legendary sporting events. The 2012 London Olympics was one such event, probably the biggest. Thousands of athletes are ready to assemble in the city or in the players’ village. The authorities are making sure that everything is in place and in order.

Over a period of ten days, the athletes will compete against each other. Everything will come down to their four years of hard work and dedication for this event. The Commonwealth Games create star athletes, world-class performers, and sportspeople willing to change the game. Influencing millions of people to take up any sport is the biggest achievement for events of this nature. Another million will be sitting at home and watching their favorite sports and athletes. At the end of the day, all the fight is about those three medals: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

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Commonwealth Games 2022 Facts: Athletes 

The most valuable point to consider when we discuss the ‘Commonwealth Games 2022 Facts’ is the athletes. Without them, there would be no event and nobody to vouch for. A total of 72 countries are participating this year, with an estimated total of over 5000 athletes. It was the first time that the games had to be postponed by a day because of other ongoing tournaments. This delay was caused by the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 and the World Athletic Championship. Anyhow, the athletes are all set to leave their mark on one of the biggest sporting stages.
Commonwealth Games 2022 Facts athletics
Commonwealth Games 2022 Facts

Commonwealth Games 2022 Facts: Events

The Commonwealth Games 2022 Facts states that there will be a total of 283 events in a span of 10 days. Aquatics and diving will have the maximum number of events at 66, followed by athletics at 59. The preparations are in full flow to make sure each and every event goes well. 5000 athletes have never participated in any Commonwealth Games before, so this is the first time we get to see this number. Total events and total athletes need to have a balance, and in this case, it looks just fine.

Total Cost And Venues

These games are going to be the second most expensive in the history of sporting events held in England. Only the London Olympics in 2012 were more expensive than the current ones. The Commonwealth Games 2022 cost £778 million, as compared to £8.8 million for the London Olympics. Only the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games cost more, at £8.6 billion. Now coming to the venues, there are a total of 15 venues in the city, covering all the different sports. They have also built a £73 million aquatic center for all the water sports events.
Commonwealth Games 2022 Facts Venues
Commonwealth Games 2022 Facts

Special Mention: Commonwealth Games 2022 Facts

This is specifically for all the volunteers participating in the Commonwealth Games 2022. Close to 13,000 volunteers will be giving their time and energy to ensure the games are fun for everybody

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