Covington Rejects Garry’s UFC Fight Claim, Insists on Demands for Next Fight

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Colby Covington and Ian Machado Garry
Colby Covington and Ian Machado Garry

Colby Covington insists that the proposed matchup between himself and Ian Machado Garry remains purely speculative. Covington rebutted Garry’s assertions that the UFC had presented both fighters with offers for the fight, stating that the promotion had not discussed such a bout with him. He dismissed Garry’s comments as efforts to generate sensationalism and attract attention.

Covington, who hasn’t competed since December when he faced a defeat against UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards, expressed uncertainty about his next opponent. He reiterated his demands for specific conditions to be met, indicating his intent to ensure that any fight he participates in is financially beneficial.

Among the stipulations Covington outlined was the requirement for Garry and his wife, Layla, to enable comments on their Instagram accounts. Additionally, he demanded a video where Layla pleaded for the fight while kneeling and suggested involving her in one of his sponsored gambling videos.

Colby Covington
Colby Covington Dismisses Ian Machado Garry’s UFC Fight Claims as Speculation

It’s apparent that Garry is unlikely to fulfill Covington’s challenges, indicating a stalemate in negotiations between the two fighters. Despite Covington’s persistence, a potential bout with Garry seems no closer to materializing.

Covington emphasized his desire to face opponents who would advance his career and standing in the welterweight division. He expressed a preference for fighting higher-ranked competitors and reiterated his aspiration to rematch with Edwards, aiming to prove his superiority in the division.

The proposed matchup between Colby Covington and Ian Machado Garry remains mired in disagreement and posturing. Covington’s insistence on specific conditions and his focus on securing fights that enhance his career trajectory suggests that any potential clash with Garry is unlikely to occur without significant concessions from both parties.

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