Assessing Jose Aldo’s Top-5 Bantamweight Status Post UFC 301

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Jose Aldo
Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo, known as “The King of Rio,” returned to the octagon after a 21-month hiatus, during which he explored boxing and was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. Despite the break, Aldo showcased his exceptional skills by convincingly defeating Jonathan Martinez at UFC 301’s co-main event.

This victory has reignited interest in Aldo, making him a highly sought-after free agent in MMA, with potential opportunities in both MMA and boxing. At 37 years old, Aldo openly discussed the possibility of pursuing another shot at the UFC bantamweight title, indicating his determination and longevity in the sport.

However, upon his return, the question arises: is Aldo still among the top five bantamweights in the world? MMA Fighting’s panel ranked him just outside the top five, positioning him at No. 6 after UFC 301.

Jose Aldo
Jose Aldo’s Dominant Return to the Octagon at UFC 301

Despite this, it’s a commendable feat considering the division’s evolution during his absence, marked by the emergence of fighters like Sean O’Malley and Patchy Mix. Aldo’s impressive record at 135 pounds, including victories over notable opponents like Marlon Vera, Pedro Munhoz, Rob Font, and Martinez, has contributed to his continued relevance in the division.

Aldo’s potential trajectory in the UFC bantamweight division prompts speculation about whether he should bypass the line for a title shot. In a poll conducted by MMA Fighting, opinions were divided, with 42% of voters supporting Aldo skipping the line, while 57% opposed the idea.

This reflects the uncertainty surrounding Aldo’s immediate future and his place in the title picture. Despite opinions varying among fans and experts, Aldo’s enduring skill set and past accomplishments affirm his status as a formidable contender in the bantamweight division, keeping the discussion alive about his place among the elite at 135 pounds.


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