Dallas Mayor Hints at Chiefs Moving to Cowboys’ Area After Stadium Vote Fails

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Dallas mayor hints at bringing Chiefs to Cowboys territory after stadium vote fails

The Kansas City Chiefs’ future has been thrown into uncertainty following the recent setback of a ballot measure aimed at financing renovations for Arrowhead Stadium. To add intrigue, Dallas has emerged as a potential suitor for the franchise.

On Tuesday night, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson stirred speculation by tweeting, “Welcome home, Dallas Texans!” along with a smiling emoji and a link to an article discussing the failure of Question 1 in Johnson County. The measure, which proposed extending a sales tax to fund renovations for Arrowhead Stadium and a new stadium for the Kansas City Royals, was defeated by a margin of 58% to 42%.

Johnson even included a hashtag for the Cotton Bowl, indicating his preference for the Chiefs to relocate to Dallas.

The following day, Johnson elaborated on his interest in a statement to The Dallas Morning News, emphasizing the ample space and football-loving populace of the Dallas-Fort Worth area to support a second NFL team, alongside the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Mayor Hints at Chiefs Moving to Cowboys' Area After Stadium Vote Fails
Dallas Mayor Hints at Chiefs Moving to Cowboys’ Area After Stadium Vote Fails (Credits: Yahoo Sports)

“Dallas was named the top sports city in the United States because we play to win,” Johnson asserted, citing last year’s Sports Business Journal ranking. “Our market is big enough, growing enough, and loves football more than enough to support a second NFL team — especially a franchise (and an owner) with deep roots here.”

While the Chiefs and the Royals refrained from making explicit threats about relocation in the wake of Question 1’s failure, both teams invested substantial resources in convincing voters of the value of their stadiums.

With their future in Kansas City uncertain, the Chiefs find themselves tethered to Arrowhead Stadium by a lease that extends until 2031.

This isn’t the first instance of Johnson advocating for a second NFL team in the Dallas area. In 2022, he proposed an expansion team, followed by an offer to accommodate the Los Angeles Chargers. However, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has expressed opposition to the idea.

While the notion of the Chiefs relocating to Dallas seems far-fetched, given the team’s local ties and historical significance, Johnson’s musings reflect his ambition for his city’s sporting landscape.

In the midst of this speculation, reports have surfaced of efforts to entice the Chiefs across the state border to Kansas. Former Kansas House Speaker Ron Ryckman Jr. is reportedly collaborating with others to lure the team, leveraging the recent setback in Jackson County.

“Jackson County fumbled. Now there will be a mad scramble for the ball and we’re in the best position for a scoop and score,” Ryckman remarked in a text message to The Kansas City Star.

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has also expressed interest in this endeavor.

While it’s premature to predict the outcome, the failure of Question 1 may signal the beginning of a competitive bidding war between local governments for the Chiefs’ allegiance.

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