Draymond Teases Eason Before Thursday’s Warriors-Rockets Game

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Draymond perfectly trolls Eason before Thursday’s Dubs-Rockets game

Draymond Green, amidst the Warriors’ triumphant five-game streak and fresh off a notable victory against the Dallas Mavericks, isn’t mincing words when it comes to facing the Houston Rockets this Thursday.

In the wake of a viral video where Tari Eason took a swipe at the Warriors, Green seized the perfect moment to poke fun at the sidelined Rockets forward during a recent episode of “The Draymond Green Show”.

“Quite the win for us, especially with the Rockets gearing up,” Green quipped, his tone laced with playful taunt. “They’ve had a couple of stumbles. You’re trailing by three games with only seven left, and given the tiebreaker loss, that’s effectively four games behind, with just seven to go. If my calculations are right, tomorrow could be the end of their season—their playoff aspirations.”

Draymond Green
Draymond Green

Just a week ago, the Rockets (38-37) occupied a vastly different position. Riding high on an impressive 11-game winning spree, they trailed the Warriors by a mere game, with Golden State clutching the Western Conference’s No. 10 seed and final play-in berth.

Eason’s jovial jab at Golden State hinted at a playful challenge to their standing in the West. “Warriors, come out to play,” he had exclaimed.

Since Eason’s spirited call-out, the Rockets managed to notch one more victory before enduring two consecutive losses. Now, trailing the Warriors by three games, their hopes of vaulting past them for that coveted play-in berth are rapidly dwindling.

Fate has an ironic twist in store for the Rockets as their next showdown is none other than against the Warriors (courtesy of basketball providence).

As Green aptly pointed out, a defeat at the hands of the Warriors on home turf Thursday evening not only dashes their playoff dreams but also serves Eason a hearty portion of humble pie.


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