Despite John Schneider retaining his position, the Seattle Seahawks are ushering in a new era

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Mike Macdonald

For the first time in 14 years, general manager John Schneider will have a new presence in the Seattle Seahawks’ draft room.

The significant influence of Pete Carroll, Schneider’s long-time partner in drafting strategies, is no longer in play.

With Carroll’s absence, Schneider faces a different dynamic as he leads the draft process.

Seattle enters this year’s draft with seven picks, starting with the No. 16 selection in the first round.

Under new head coach Mike Macdonald, who replaces Carroll, the Seahawks transition from the league’s oldest coach to the youngest.

Despite these changes, Schneider remains a constant figure, finding key contributors to improve the team back to NFC prominence.

Ryan Grubb

The draft has traditionally been Schneider’s forte, offering him the spotlight amidst Carroll’s leadership throughout the rest of the year.

With Macdonald now beside him, the partnership dynamic may shift slightly, but collaboration remains paramount.

“The dynamic with Pete and with Mike, it’s a true partnership, so that part’s not going to be different,” Schneider stated at the NFL scouting combine.

This coaching change coincides with a crucial draft year for Seattle, as the team seeks to address roster gaps, particularly along the offensive and defensive lines. Additionally, there’s speculation about whether the Seahawks will pursue a quarterback early in the draft.


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