Doncic tallies 29 points as the Dallas Mavericks defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder 119-110, leveling the series at 1-1

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Luka Doncic leaps forward to make the basket

Luka Doncic was visibly struggling with a sprained right knee and a bloody left knee as he moved across the court during the game.

Despite his injuries, his ability to shoot remained unaffected. He managed to score 29 points, grab 10 rebounds, and provide seven assists, leading the Dallas Mavericks to a 119-110 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night. This win leveled the Western Conference semifinal series at one win each.

Reflecting on his performance, Doncic admitted it was one of his toughest games. Despite his discomfort, he was determined to contribute to his team’s success. In Game 1, the Thunder had limited Doncic to 19 points on 6-for-19 shooting, but in Game 2, he bounced back, making 11 of 21 field goals.

Luka Doncic tries to pass the ball

Throughout the game, he engaged in frequent discussions with the officials, which drew the ire of Thunder fans, resulting in boos and chants directed at him. However, Doncic embraced the challenge, expressing his enjoyment of such intense moments.

P.J. Washington also played a crucial role for the Mavericks, contributing 29 points and 11 rebounds, while making 7 of 11 3-pointers. His performance exceeded his regular-season average of 12.9 points per game. Dallas coach Jason Kidd praised Washington’s contributions, noting that he set the tone for the team’s success.

Kyrie Irving chipped in with nine points and 11 assists for the Mavericks, who, as the fifth seed, seized home-court advantage from the top-seeded Thunder. Looking ahead to Game 3, which the Mavericks will host on Saturday, Doncic acknowledged the Thunder’s strengths and anticipated a tough battle. Nonetheless, he emphasized the significance of winning Game 2 and expressed respect for their opponents.


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