Draymond Green of the Warriors Affirms Contemplation of Joining Grizzlies in NBA Free Agency

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Warriors’ Draymond Green Confirms He Considered Joining Grizzlies in NBA Free Agency

It might be challenging to picture Draymond Green in anything other than a Golden State Warriors jersey, but he did consider the possibility of joining the Memphis Grizzlies during the past offseason after declining his player option for the 2023-24 campaign.

When asked about the potential move, Green mentioned to Anthony Slater of The Athletic that he gave it some thought, saying, “An eensy bit of time.” Teammate Stephen Curry also acknowledged briefly considering the possibility, stating it crossed his mind for “a day” while he was on vacation during the summer.

Draymond Green
Draymond Green (Credits: Yardbarker)

Back in June, NBA insider Marc Stein reported that Memphis actively pursued Green before ultimately trading for Marcus Smart. The Michigan State product, known for his physical defense and willingness to engage with opponents, could have been a valuable addition to the Grizzlies, bringing his ability to impact games beyond scoring.

Accustomed to playing alongside star guards like Curry, Green could have utilized his two-man-game skills in partnership with Ja Morant. However, he ultimately opted for a new four-year, $100 million deal with the Warriors, remaining loyal to the only NBA team he has ever known.

Considering Memphis’ current record of 18-31 and various injury challenges, including a season-ending setback for Morant, it seems Green made the right choice. In contrast, Golden State, with a record of 21-24, is just a half-game behind the Utah Jazz for the play-in tournament, having won two consecutive games, including a recent victory over the Grizzlies.

Green, who returned to the lineup after two suspensions earlier in the season, could provide stability and veteran leadership, potentially helping the Warriors make a late-season push—a scenario that might not have unfolded if he had chosen the Grizzlies.


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