Los Angeles Lakers Pause Discussions on Bruce Brown Trade with Toronto Raptors, Temporarily Stepping Back

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Lakers Rumors: LA ‘Temporarily Moved Away’ from Bruce Brown Trade Talks with Raptors

It appears that Bruce Brown may not be joining the Los Angeles Lakers before the upcoming trade deadline on Thursday, according to a report by Matt Moore from Action Network.

The Lakers, often considered a team to watch closely in trade discussions, have reportedly “at least temporarily moved away from talks for” the Toronto Raptors guard.

This season, Brown has already been part of a trade that sent him to Toronto as a component of the deal involving Pascal Siakam moving to the Indiana Pacers.

The Lakers, currently standing at a 25-25 record and ninth place in the Western Conference, face an interesting dilemma as they strive for success in the current season with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Bruce Brown
Bruce Brown (Credits: Yardbarker)

While being in win-now mode, the Lakers find themselves 3.5 games behind the sixth-seeded Phoenix Suns, the margin they must close to avoid the play-in tournament.

Achieving this might necessitate a significant trade, but the front office must weigh the decision of sacrificing future assets for a temporary improvement, considering the team may not have a championship ceiling even with additional acquisitions.

The question of who the Lakers might trade is also up in the air. NBA insider Marc Stein pointed out that “D’Angelo Russell’s strong play has also moved him further away from being included in talks.”

Additionally, discussions with the Atlanta Hawks concerning Dejounte Murray have reached an impasse, with the Hawks holding firm at Austin Reaves and the Lakers refusing his inclusion.

While the Lakers may revisit the possibility of acquiring Bruce Brown, at least for now, they seem to be taking a more cautious approach and stepping back from an aggressive pursuit.

Brown, known for his versatile skills as a role player, could potentially complement stars like James and Davis, similar to his contribution to the Denver Nuggets last season alongside Nikola Jokić during their championship run. The outcome may hinge on whether the Lakers are willing to make a significant move before the trade deadline.


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