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EA Employee Accused Of Stealing Apex Legends

EA Employee Accused Of Stealing Apex Legends

The following article is about the Apex Legends accusing EA employee of stealing an Apex Legends account. Apex Legends is one of the most popular games in the world. Thousands of people are playing the game. Few people spend money, while some are not so hardcore. Every account requires a certain amount of commitment, and these commitments have reverse effects it hurts a lot. In 2021, Apex Legends has launched several updates which have added more features to the game and are attracting players from all over the world. The Apex Legends community is growing day by day. Electronic Arts are the publisher of Apex Legends.

Apart from all of these good things, there is a controversy going around. An Apex Legends player has accused an EA employee of stealing his account. Just as we said before, every game requires a certain commitment. Sometimes people lose interest in the game and leave the game. They will still be happy as they can continue the game again when they feel up to it. But if it gets stolen, then there is no chance of playing the game again. Even if they want to play it, they have to again start from scratch. Many people still do not know the full story. Keep reading the article to know all the details about the controversy surrounding the game and its publisher.

EA Employee Accused Of Stealing Apex Legends

Electronic Arts have always been known to be one of the best publishers of games. But recently in a ranked EU server, an exchange took place. Over there an Apex Legends player was seen accusing an EA employer of stealing that player’s account. The account has several costly things and was well built. Predator badges to Heirlooms, nothing was short in the account. The player added that the thief was after the account due to all the possessions. The thief had been constantly shuffling the password and email address to make sure that the account is locked. The player was not idle and immediately contacted EA support to take a look into the matter.

EA Employee Accused Of Stealing Apex Legends
EA Employee Accused Of Stealing Apex Legends

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Reaction Of The Player After Getting The Account Back

The player appeared in an interview and has confirmed that he has got back his account. The player is named Karan Khushalani. In the words of Karan, he contacted EA support, and luckily they recovered his account. At first, it felt weird as the thief worked in that same company. After getting back the account, he is relieved and is claiming to be in the middle of recovering from the trauma. Within two days, he had to memorize at least seven resets. For those of you who do not know, every time a player changes the email, the game sends a message which contacts a link that changes the pass. After that, the account reactivates.

When the thief stole the account, there was no confirmation email coming to the player. Even when he kept on changing the mail, there was no confirmation, and the Two-Factor-Authentication codes were also missing. Karan’s doubt about the thief being from EA was confirmed when the thief added him back on discord. Yaman was the EA support staff with whom Karan contacted. No one outside the two could know about that unless that person was working for the company. After all this, another supportive staff named Xar passed the details of the conversation between the thief and Karan to senior staff. It was after seeing it that the senior staff decided that the issue was more serious and was a case of an employee misusing his power.

EA Employee Accused Of Stealing Apex Legends
Conversation Of Karan On Discord With Thief

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Other Similar Incidents

Karan has confirmed that it was not only his account that was stolen. He has a friend who also had their account stolen. Like his own, that account also had Heirlooms. Apart from this incident, there have been ten other similar incidents that have been reported on the internet. From being an isolated incident, it is becoming more of a global problem for Apex Legends players.

If this continues, sooner or later, the game is going to lose several players from their community, and it would create a bad name for the game as well as the company. The support staff uses codenames instead of real names, so it is difficult to track them down. If it was not for Xar, Karan could never find the real culprit. Do not forget to give feedback on the article.

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