Ex-Colorado Prospect Delivers Brutal Critique of Deion Sanders and Buffaloes Program

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Cormani mcCLain
McClain during an NFL encounter (Credit: Fox Sports)

Former Colorado cornerback Cormani McClain didn’t hold back in expressing his feelings towards Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders following McClain’s recent announcement of his departure from the team.

McClain, a highly touted five-star recruit who joined Colorado last year, took to YouTube to share his reasons for entering the transfer portal. He made it clear that he’s not interested in playing just for attention, a subtle dig at the online buzz surrounding the Buffaloes program during Sanders’s debut season as head coach.

Cormani mcClain
Mclain during an NFL encounter (Credit: The Buff Zone)

“I don’t want to play for clicks,” McClain stated. “I want to be part of a top-notch program that focuses on player development.”

Expressing his desire for personal growth and a fresh start, McClain emphasized his intention to rediscover his best form and change the narrative surrounding his name by joining a program that prioritizes excellence.

During his freshman year at Colorado, McClain showcased his skills with 13 tackles and two passes defended across nine games.

McClain’s decision to transfer adds to the roster turnover at Colorado this offseason, as the program undergoes significant changes since Sanders took over as head coach in December 2022. With 14 players entering the transfer portal since the spring transfer period began on April 16, and 12 more from November to March, the Buffaloes are experiencing a considerable shakeup.

Despite the initial excitement surrounding Sanders’s arrival, Colorado’s hopes were dampened by a string of six consecutive losses, culminating in a disappointing 4–8 record last season. As they prepare to re-enter the Big 12 this fall, the Buffaloes aim to reclaim their status and strive for a winning record for the first time since 2016.


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