Has Fabio Vieira Adapted to his £65 Million Move?

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Fabio Vieira
Arsenal's Fabio Vieira (Credits: Planet Football)

Mikel Arteta gave Fabio Vieira his first start of the season by rotating Kai Havertz out to the substitute bench. The player’s gameplay in Arsenal’s 1-0 win against Everton seems to have impressed the boss. 

After his £65 million move to the Emirates stadium this summer, Vieira has had his own share of struggles in adjusting to his new role. 

In comparison with another player, Havertz, Vieira has made two assists in matches against Fulham and Manchester United before the international break. While Havertz has not earned a single goal to his name in his five matches for Arsenal.

Arsenal’s Boss continues to observe Vieira.

The Arsenal boss has been observing Vieira and has noticed the change in his performance this season. Due to the positive efforts, Vieira was granted the chance to make a cameo in the match against Everton. The decision seems to have been right as the German international did his fair share of contribution in the game on 17th September. 

Arteta, when speaking about Vieira, stated that they knew that Fabio would have a big impact, especially in the last few minutes or the final minutes, if they needed something. They observe something to have been changed with Fabio.

Fabio Vieira On the Field
Arsenal’s Midfielder Fabio Vieira (Credits: Morning Star)

The boss continued on to say that the change in Fabio from last year now is easily noticeable as he stands out in a crowd, he has matured and is more senior in the squad, and his confidence in the squad is high. Arteta feels happy about the improvement that he has witnessed in Vieira. 

Arteta is now looking forward to more opportunities to rotate his squad after the great performance shown by Vieira in the match against the Toffees. In his talk with Sky Sports after Arsenal’s 1-0 win against Everton, Arteta shared his wish to select the players who deserve to play. 

The Gunners Boss had a lot more to say as he went on to talk about Vieira, stating that the player deserved to play. The player has shown that he is ready for a few weeks now.

Arteta also exerted the contribution that the player made, which was other than the goal, as it is what he expects the same from all his players.

Vieira showcases a strong drive against the defenders, which makes him a constant threat while he is on the field. He has shown his strengths at times during the last season but he lacks consistency in his actions. However, the spectators believe that it does take some time to adjust to life in Europe’s toughest football unit. 

The question ‘was Vieira’s ultimate play during the match on 17th September just another glimpse of his talent, or has the player finally mastered the art of consistency?’ still remains in doubt. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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