Horner affirms Verstappen’s Presence Doesn’t Dull Formula One

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Verstappen's coach Christian Horner (Credit :NBC news)

Christian Horner dismisses claims that Max Verstappen’s dominance is making Formula One dull, asserting that Verstappen’s exceptional performances should be admired.

Verstappen’s recent victory in China further solidified his position as a formidable force in the sport, with four wins this season and a commanding lead in the championship standings. Despite criticism from some quarters about the lack of competition, Horner emphasizes Verstappen’s talent and the significance of cherishing the current moment.

Max Verstappen
Verstappen before his race (Credit: Red Bull)

He highlights Verstappen’s remarkable achievements and suggests that such success may not last indefinitely, urging everyone to appreciate the Dutch driver’s prowess while it lasts.

Additionally, Horner addresses speculation about Verstappen’s future, affirming the team’s commitment to retaining him and dismissing any notions of a potential move to another outfit.

He suggests that such rumors are merely distractions and encourages focusing on the team’s present successes rather than engaging in speculative discussions about the driver market.

Horner’s remarks emphasize the importance of recognizing and celebrating Verstappen’s exceptional achievements in Formula One.


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