Ian Machado Garry Wants Co-Main Event Slot at UFC 303 Against Colby Covington, Plans to Retire Him

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Morning Report: Ian Machado Garry calls for UFC 303 co-main event vs. ‘p****’ Colby Covington, says ‘I’ll retire him for good’

Ian Machado Garry is eyeing his first career title shot in MMA, with his sights set on facing welterweight contender Colby Covington. Garry, with an undefeated record of 14-0, has garnered both admiration and animosity within the MMA community, aligning himself with the latter side of the spectrum due to his outspoken personality.

Covington, known for his brashness and verbal attacks, has been a target of Garry’s since his recent loss to champion Leon Edwards. The stage is set for a showdown between the two, pending Covington’s agreement and the signing of the contract.

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated bout between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler has been confirmed for UFC 303, scheduled during International Fight Week in Las Vegas. Garry, who idolizes McGregor, sees this event as the perfect opportunity for his potential clash with Covington, envisioning himself as the co-main event. He views McGregor as a role model who exemplifies the possibility of achieving dreams in the sport, drawing parallels between their trajectories.

Ian Machado Garry
Ian Machado Garry

Reflecting on the welterweight division’s history, Garry emphasizes the need for fresh faces in the title scene. With a strategic plan for his career, he aims to secure a title shot starting in 2025, following potential matchups against Covington and other top contenders. Garry prefers fighting in warm climates and envisions a Vegas fight in December as the ideal scenario for his next bout after Covington.

Known for his striking prowess, Garry anticipates a stylistic clash against Covington’s wrestling expertise, portraying the matchup as a classic striker versus grappler scenario. Despite acknowledging Covington’s experience and wrestling skills, Garry exudes confidence in his abilities, believing he possesses the speed, technique, and overall superiority to defeat his opponent decisively.

Expressing frustration with Covington’s reluctance to accept the fight, Garry boldly asserts his readiness to face him and predicts a dominant victory. He critiques Covington’s skill set, highlighting weaknesses in his striking and grappling while emphasizing his own strengths. Garry is unwavering in his belief that he is on a different level than Covington and is determined to prove it inside the Octagon.


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