Vergne Commends Verstappen’s Support for Formula E

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Vergne hails Verstappen’s Formula E backing

Former Formula 1 driver Jean-Eric Vergne praised Max Verstappen’s positive perspective on Formula E, despite the electric racing series often being criticized for its perceived lack of speed compared to Formula 1. While Verstappen expressed that he wouldn’t personally choose to compete in Formula E in the future, he acknowledged the talent among drivers and found enjoyment in watching the races, particularly due to the high level of skill exhibited.

Verstappen’s criticism extended to specific elements of Formula E, such as the recent city track in Tokyo, where he humorously remarked that the track designer “must have been drunk” for including a “proper jump.” Nonetheless, he emphasized his appreciation for the driving and racing aspects of Formula E, highlighting the excitement derived from the competitive field and his friendships with some of the drivers in the series.

Several former Formula 1 drivers, including Pascal Wehrlein, Stoffel Vandoorne, and Nyck de Vries, are now part of the Formula E grid alongside Vergne. In a conversation with Italy’s Automoto, Vergne commended Verstappen for his understanding of Formula E, contrasting it with the uninformed opinions expressed by some other drivers.

Vergne Commends Verstappen's Support for Formula E
Vergne Commends Verstappen’s Support for Formula E (Credits: Racing News 365)

Vergne noted Verstappen’s dedication to watching Formula E races whenever possible and his friendships within the series, which contribute to his informed perspective on the sport.

Vergne highlighted Verstappen’s thorough engagement with Formula E races and his familiarity with the technical aspects of the sport, suggesting that Verstappen’s involvement in simulator work further enhances his understanding of the cars and racing dynamics.

While Vergne acknowledged the technical complexities of Formula E compared to other racing series like the World Endurance Championship (WEC) or Formula 1, he emphasized the amount of preparation and homework required in Formula E due to its unique characteristics.

Vergne’s praise for Verstappen’s perspective on Formula E underscores the growing recognition of the series within the motorsport community, despite lingering criticisms. Verstappen’s acknowledgment of Formula E’s strengths and his respect for its drivers contribute to a more positive perception of the electric racing series, highlighting its appeal beyond its initial novelty as a sustainable alternative to traditional motorsport.


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