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"If Richarlison Doesn't Shine": Tottenham Receives Advice on Potential Transfer for a "Strong" Player

“If Richarlison Doesn’t Shine”: Tottenham Receives Advice on Potential Transfer for a “Strong” Player

“Alasdair Gold Suggests Tottenham Could Target Ivan Toney in January Transfer Window”

Tottenham Hotspur might consider making a move for Brentford striker Ivan Toney in the January transfer window if certain circumstances arise, according to Alasdair Gold, a Football London journalist.

Gold mentioned that if Richarlison doesn’t perform well or there are injuries to key players in the forward positions, such a situation could be triggered.

Tottenham is thinking about getting Ivan Toney, who is in trouble for making bets. He will not be able to play until January 16, and after that, Brentford will face Tottenham on January 30.

"If Richarlison Doesn't Shine": Tottenham Receives Advice on Potential Transfer for a "Strong" Player
Richarlison (Credits: Goal)

The upcoming winter transfer window will be an interesting time for the 27-year-old striker because many clubs, like Chelsea, managed by Mauricio Pochettino, are interested in signing him.

However, Tottenham still requires a robust and genuine number nine striker, especially after the departure of Harry Kane. Alasdair Gold shared his perspective on the potential acquisition of Toney.

Tottenham’s Transfer Has a Connection with Toney

“They have definitely been considering Ivan Toney, as have many other clubs,” Gold revealed. “I believe there will be a lot of teams interested in Toney.

“It will be intriguing to see if anyone can secure his services in January because his suspension only ends at the very end of the month. Interestingly, the first game he becomes available for is against Spurs.

The choice could change based on different things. If Richarlison doesn’t play well before January, Tottenham might want to get a new striker during that time. At first, they wanted to sign a center-back the most.

“A lot hinges on the condition and availability of Richarlison and Son, as well as their form.”

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Has Toney Dropped Comments about Arsenal?

Tottenham could encounter a significant hurdle in their pursuit of Toney, and that obstacle is the player’s recent statements about Arsenal.

Has Toney Dropped comments about Arsenal?
Ivan Toney (Credits: Goal)

Ivan Toney has a suspension for betting violations, and it will end on January 16. After that, his first Premier League match is against Tottenham on January 30. Tottenham is considering signing him, but it depends on his performance and other factors. Toney recently mentioned that he liked Liverpool and Arsenal, but now he can’t play because of the ban.

In the unpredictable world of football, it is possible that Spurs might miss out on signing him, given the level of interest in Toney.

Because things are very uncertain, it is hard to know or even guess what they will do next. We will keep you updated with the latest news. Stay with us to read more about what’s happening.


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