Josko Gvardiol Has Already Praised Luka Vuskovic, Who is Heading to Tottenham

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Josko Gvardiol Has Already Praised Luka Vuskovic, Who is Heading to Tottenham
Josko Gvardiol (Credits:

There is a popular football club named Tottenham Hotspur. Right now, they are making preparations to sign a very good player who is also young in age by the name of Luka Vuskovic. Since this new guy happens to be a defender, he will be fully responsible for defending his team’s goal so that the other team will not win them.

Another interesting part of this story is that Josko Gvardiol, who is playing for Manchester City, has said good things that sound more like praises to Luka Vuskovic. We can imagine how good this sounds to him when a celebrity player should tell such good things about him. Of course, that’s a big deal.

Josko Gvardiol Has Spoken Good Things about Luka Vuskovic

We know how tall Luka Vuskovic is. He is someone that is quite tall, like 6 feet 4 inches. Certainly, he is taller than anyone you will imagine. Though many will say he is a teenager, he is only 16 years old, and he is blessed with such an opportunity to play for a team called Hajduk Split.

Josko Gvardiol Has Spoken Good Things about Luka Vuskovic
Luka Vuskovic (Credits: Goal)

It is something that should be encouraging to other kids because it is not every kid that will have such grace. Even if they do, it is in rare cases that they play with professional footballers at their tender age.

We know many people want to hear about this interesting part of it; Luka Vuskovic may not hastily start playing for Tottenham. There are new rules that do not favor him to play, meaning he must wait till 2025. It’s sad that he will wait a little bit before he puts on the Tottenham jersey.

Fans of Tottenham are very happy that Vuskovic has joined the team. They have this strong belief that he is coming into the team with a big difference. They see him as a hero, joining the squad of heroes.

Some fans also have this belief that he will become as good as other good defenders in the whole world. Imagine that something is seen by most people as being that good in a particular thing.

Okay, let us drive a little bit to Josko Gvardiol. You probably know he is from Croatia, just like Vuskovic. He is a player for Manchester City, and that’s one of the best teams you can find in England.

Gvardiol’s football journey began in a club called Dinamo Zagreb. This is a club that comes to people’s mind when we talk of producing very good players. Later, he moved to play for RB Leipzig in Germany. That’s where he was before he landed in Manchester City. That’s to tell you how impressive his career has been.

In March, Gvardiol said some nice things about Luka Vuskovic. He said that he has been fixing his Vuskovic’s games and that he is very happy with his unique skills.

There is this belief Gvardiol has, and he thinks that Vuskovic has everything it takes to become one of the best defenders in the world. You know what that means? That is to say, he is a superhero when it comes to football.

Okay, going back to talk about Tottenham, they have made an attempt to sign Gvardiol before, but it did not work out for them. They needed him desperately to the extent that they tried to use another player, Ivan Perisic, to convince Gvardiol to take part in the World Cup.

But the player made his choice to go to Manchester City because of a mind-blowing sum of money (£78 million). That is a lot of money than many people can even imagine.

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Tottenham Was Not Able to Sign Josko Gvardiol

As it stands, we do not think Tottenham want to miss out on another big-time player like Gvardiol. This time, they are on their feet to pay around £13 million for Vuskovic. But do you know what the tricky part is?

Josko Gvardiol Has Spoken Good Things about Luka Vuskovic
Josko Gvardiol (Credits: Eurosport)

Even though they are paying all that money, Vuskovic will not be able to play for them until 2025. But Tottenham thinks it is worth it because they believe Vuskovic can end up becoming a  good player linked to Gvardiol.

In the world of football, finding and signing young players with many potential is very important for clubs. Tottenham does not want to miss the chance to have a future football star in their team.

In football, locating and signing young players with much potential is something every team sees as important.

So, they are going all-in for Luka Vuskovic, and we will have to wait and see how he will perform when he finally gets to play for Tottenham in 2025.


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