If the New England Patriots don’t trade down, will they select Drake Maye?

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Drake Maye (Credits: CBS Sports)

The Patriots seem eager to receive a tempting offer for the third draft pick, which another team could use to select North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye.

The big question is, if they don’t get a deal they like, such as from the Giants or the Vikings, will the Patriots choose Maye for themselves? Some in the league think they might.

It would be a significant move, as it would be the highest the Patriots have drafted a quarterback since Drew Bledsoe in 1993. Despite it being four years since Tom Brady left, a top-three quarterback would still face comparisons to him.

But if the Patriots reject an offer from the Giants or Vikings, it complicates Maye’s arrival. They’ll have to decide between taking Maye or accepting the best offer.

Drake Maye (Credits: Mirror)

Patriots owner Robert Kraft likely understands the importance of not relying too much on one player, especially with other teams willing to offer multiple assets, considering the team needs more than just a quarterback.

However, trading up for Maye also puts pressure on the team and the player. Look at the Panthers and Bryce Young or the 49ers and Trey Lance. Even veteran players like Deshaun Watson with the Browns face immense pressure to justify the investment.

Regardless of where he ends up, whether in New England, New York, or Minnesota, Drake Maye will feel the weight of expectations, knowing a lot has been given up for him or passed on to keep him.


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