Impact of Ronaldo’s Exit: Manchester United’s Standards Challenged After Chelsea Defeat

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United in 2022 continues to reverberate within the club, especially in light of recent defeats under manager Erik ten Hag. Critics have seized upon Ronaldo’s absence as a focal point for their discontent, accusing the coach of removing the only player who upheld a standard of excellence.

Ten Hag has emphasized the importance of setting examples and standards for his players, but his approach has drawn criticism from many Manchester United supporters. Following a disappointing 3-4 loss to Chelsea, fans expressed their dissatisfaction, with one particularly disillusioned supporter lambasting Ten Hag during a talkSport program, highlighting Ronaldo’s departure as a significant loss of standards.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Credits: Sports Max)

The fan’s fiery critique questioned Ten Hag’s decision-making, particularly in relation to Ronaldo, whom he portrayed as a player of exceptional caliber and reliability. This sentiment was echoed by the hosts of the program, reflecting a broader dissatisfaction among supporters with the team’s current state.

The defeat to Chelsea has intensified scrutiny on Ten Hag, with fans questioning his managerial decisions and the team’s performance under his leadership. Additionally, Cristiano Ronaldo’s social media activity following the match, particularly an Instagram post captioned ‘Happy days,’ sparked further discussion and speculation among supporters.

Despite assertions that Ronaldo’s post was unrelated to Manchester United’s defeat, fans seized upon the coincidence to create humorous memes and further fuel discussions about the team’s performance and Ronaldo’s departure.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United continues to cast a shadow over the club, with fans expressing disappointment and frustration with recent defeats under Erik ten Hag’s management. The scrutiny on both the manager and the team has intensified following their loss to Chelsea, and Ronaldo’s social media activity has only added to the intrigue surrounding the situation.


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