Joe Gibbs Racing Star Confident Despite Setback, Vows to ‘Kick Their A**’

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Joe Gibbs Racing standout Chandler Smith faced a significant setback at Martinsville Speedway after crashing his Xfinity Series car into the wall during qualifying, following his recent victory at Richmond Raceway. Despite an exceptional season with two wins and the lowest finishing position of P8, the 21-year-old driver encountered trouble, starting from P37 for the upcoming race, challenging his high standards.

Smith expressed there was an issue with the brakes leading to the accident, stating that the brake locked up unexpectedly despite the pressure applied. Despite the setback, Smith remains optimistic about his performance on race day, aiming to overcome starting from the back of the pack.

Following the incident, the damaged car was assessed, revealing a locked left front brake. The Joe Gibbs Racing team intends to repair the vehicle at their North Carolina shop in preparation for the race at Martinsville on Saturday night.

Despite the setback in qualifying, Smith aims to capitalize on his strong form this season and hopes to finish in the top 10 on Sunday, relying on his previous experience and success on short tracks dating back to his Truck Series days.

Having participated in multiple races at Martinsville Speedway, Smith has consistently performed well, with notable top 10 finishes in both the Truck and Xfinity Series. Although starting from P37 presents a challenge, NASCAR’s unpredictable nature leaves room for potential surprises during the race.

The unexpected crash at Martinsville came as a surprise to many, including commentators, highlighting the unpredictable nature of brake lockups in racing. Despite the setback, Smith remains determined to bounce back and perform at his best, with the Joe Gibbs Racing team working to ensure the car is race-ready for the upcoming event.


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