Is WWE 2k23 Worth It? Explained

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WWE 2K23 gaming
WWE 2k23 (Credits: Cultured Vultures)

What’s more amazing than the recent release of WWE 2k23, which is going to be one of the best till now? Like The Best, it’s surely driving fans out crazy. Considering the gameplay and even the superstar design, this game has truly been the greatest wrestling game ever.

What it does is let the players dive into the WWE universe, which is so fantasizing that no one can resist himself to play this game.

The game’s season pass has already been announced with five first DLC content. Amazing, isn’t it? Every pack of DLC will introduce five new players (legends and superstars) to spice up the game. For all those who weren’t able to grab the pass for the game, they would be introduced to little fewer features.

WWE-2K23 Video Game
WWE-2K23(Credits: Operational Sports)

Should one really buy this game?

If you have a AAA budget and you are in love with this game, then you should definitely go for it. The best thing about the game is how much customization can be brought into it.

One can create a professional wrestling universe and promotion. One can customize everything from championship belts to movies that play in the background and the moves that the wrestlers d. It sounds so interesting right?

What if one doesn’t like WWE 23 and its roster of wrestlers? No worries, you may create AEW within the game and can also download the promotion’s wrestler from the online community. Now it’s AEW 23. You can’t back out!

Why is it a superficial business?

When we talk about looks, WWE 2k23 stands different because of its amazing graphical delight. As in real life, even in the game, the wrestlers get sweatier as the match progress, and they get bruises on their faces and keep on getting brutal.

Graphical improvements are one of the reasons people tend to buy these games, and in the 2k23, the difference is real. The lightings are better, and the clothes or fashion sense have been improved drastically. Superstars, especially John Cena and Roman Reigns, tend to look more real and attractive.

What is some development in the work rate?

They utilize simplified wrestling mechanics as the reversal buttons have been reduced to one button in the form of a triangle, where one is for light attacks and the other for heavy. There isn’t any grapple button, but still, there are loads of different moves available it’s just becoming more situation dependent.

2K23, apart from creating its own wrestling company, has a host of gameplay options and gives one different idea to try out. It is a long-running story of the universe or world you created and a place where you can set your champion, show and create story beats.

The reason to feel that it’s worthy is that it’s 2k and the visual concepts are most polished, have fantastic visuals, and it’s for those who have a genuine passion for the spectacle of this professional wrestling.

No other game could compete with this, and one should buy it as all wrestling fans will soon get to know that they may not need any other again after this, as it’s the best version of all till now.


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