Texas Christian University (TCU) Football Schedule

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Texas Christian University (TCU) Football Schedule
Horned Frogs (Credits: USA Today)

Texas Christian University (TCU) started playing football on December 7, 1896, and they represent NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The TCU team of football is also known as the TCU Horned Frogs football team. TCU has won two NCAA football titles, first in the year 1935 and then in 1938. TCU has already created history by becoming the first Texas team to reach the CFP in the year 2022.

TCU won their first game by defeating Toby’s business college without having any subtitles. TCU is among one of the greatest teams in the history of football, as they have been a member of the Big 12 Conference since 2012. TCU has also been rewarded retroactive tiles by AFCA through their Blue Ribbon Commission.  Horned Frogs also won 6 shared conferences apart from 12 conferences.

TCU Football 2022 ranked 3rd.
Horned Frogs (Credits: USA Today)

The current color of TCU Horned frogs is purple and white. The home stadium of TCU Horned Frogs is Carter Stadium. It is an open-air football stadium which is located at the Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. It has a capacity of 56,919 seats.

Texas Christian University (TCU) Football Schedule 2023

Let’s keep a look at the 2023 football schedule of the TCU Horned Frogs.

  • 2 September Saturday, TCU VS Colorado at 11:00 am (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • 9 September Saturday, TCU VS Nicholls at 7:00 pm (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • 16 September Saturday, TCU VS Houston at 7:00 pm (Houston, TX)
  • 23 September Saturday, TCU VS SMU, TBD (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • 30 September Saturday, TCU VS West Virginia, TBD (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • 7 October Saturday, TCU VS Iowa State, TBD (Ames, AI)
  • 14 October Saturday, TCU VS BYU, TBD (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • 21 October Saturday, TCU vs. Kansas State, TBD (Manhattan, KS)
  • 2 November Thursday, TCU VS Texas Tech at 6:00 pm (Lubbock. TX)
  • 11 November Saturday, TCU VS Texas, TBD  (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • 18 November Saturday, TCU VS Baylor, TBD (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • 24 November Friday, TCU VS Oklahoma at 11:00 am (Norman, OK)

In the above schedule of TCU Football 2023, all the dates, Location, time, and opponent team name is mentioned.

Performance of TCU in 2022

The horned frogs 2022 journey was very amazing. TCU ranked 3rd in the year 2022. The overall record of TCU in 2022 was 13-2. The head coach of the Horned Frogs in 2022 was Sonu Dykes, and  TCU was the most physically fit team on the field in the year 2022.

TCU was selected as the third rank in the four-team college football match. 2022 was the first undefeated season after 2010 for TCU. They become the first Texas team to reach the CFP National Championship game in the year 2022.

Although 2022 was a memorable season for the fans. They are very impressed with the energy of Horned Frogs, and they are expecting much splendid victory this time in 2023,

Top players of TCU

  • Maxx Duggan
  • Dylan Horton
  • Kendre Miller
  • Steve Avila
  • Tre’Vius Hodges

What to expect from TCU Horned Frogs in 2023?

By watching last year’s performance of the Horned Frogs, we can expect good from TCU again in 2023, and this time the head coach Sonu Dykes will manage the team. Sonu Dykes targets a run and reload to the Big 12 conference titles in 2023.

Horned Frogs have good physical strength to play as well as sharp tactics, which are very important in football. This time also, they will maintain their skills and come up with more energy to create history in football.


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