Is WWE Fake Blood? Explained

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WWE no blood
WWE fake blood? (Credits: Cageside Seats)

We all have seen the superstars fighting, beating, and using foul words in the WWE arena. Superstars, before the match, usually take vows that there maybe be a bloodbath in the ring on some particular day, and thus this shows that he/she would do anything in order to bring that to fruition.

While watching WWE, we all have one doubt about whether the blood is real or fake. But this mystery is solved because the blood isn’t real. How could it be one can not bleed this much in real life; otherwise, he won’t even be capable of playing the other match, right?

However, the glory days of blood baths have been designed to bring up a memory. In today’s WWE, superstars usually don’t cuss and bleed much in the ring. But we do have to look at the history of WWE blood and gore and also why this is a rare sight in the rings presently.

Is the blood real in WWE?

WWE superstars were and still barely bleed on the playing rings, but pro-wresters earlier were used to use razor blades to cut themselves, which released blood. Many reports claimed that the tickets sale saw a rise when there was blood shown from the wrestlers, and according to the fan base, the blood depicts their willingness and efforts to win.

The use of razor blades was considered a safe option by wrestlers, and they were used to make small cuts so that they could bleed and were fighting till the end of the game. But sometimes, these wrestlers made a huge cut on their bodies, and a lot of blood seemed to come out, which turned out to be extremely risky for life.

WWW fake blood?
WWE fake blood (Credits: USA Network)

What do they use in the modern era?

These days all the WWE wrestlers use two different techniques to get themselves to bleed. One of the ways is that the WWE can ask the opponent to hit him hard so that he can get heavy blood, and the opponent can also use things like a chair which can result in bleeding.

The other way is to use a blood capsule, and he can signal the WWE official to pass them in the midst of a match or at the time when he refuses to put his body on the line.

During or after getting an attack from the opponent and then during the match, the superstar breaks the capsule and applies blood all over the necessary places.

There is even a hard way that is used by many professional players. Here, the wrestlers use foreign objects which are supposed to be seen by the public and fans. These foreign objects are like a fork or scalpel.

The bleeding in professional wrestling is necessary as it produces dramatic and entertaining scenes to attract the audience to the show.

Even though bleeding in wrestling has always been a controversial topic in the WWE fan base but it has gradually become a source of excitement and spiciness in the game. Thus nowadays, one can not imagine a game without such red spiciness and thrill.


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