Are WWE Belts Real Gold? Explained

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WWE belts
WWE belts (Credits: Bleacher Report)

Professional wrestlers’ belts are always more in number, unique, and gorgeous. But on the other hand, there are many belts that don’t look good or gorgeous enough to win. After looking at all the belts with a shiny appearance, the fan base has doubts about whether the belt contains real gold or not.

These championship belts are really close to all professional wrestlers, and they put all their efforts just for the sake of these beautiful belts.

There are some people who managed to get a replica version of the belt and have put it in their homes as memorabilia. Many of the other fandoms have taken this thing to another level by creating their own content and using these championships as their source for that engaging content.

How is the WWE Championship Belt Made?

The key elements of a championship belt are straps, side plates, the face of the title, and little gems for further decoration.

The strap of the championship belt is purely made of leather, and they use tin for the side plates of the belts. The titling face is usually machined with a metal called aluminum and with a real gold platting. Cubic Zirconia are those gems and diamonds we usually see on the belt.

One can make their own championship belt, but if it has to be the original one, then it may cost around $25,000  anywhere you go. If you want to get on a very low budget, then you can go for the replica of the championship belt in any store, and it will cost $400 worth.

Do WWE champions keep their belt?

When the superstars are declared champions, they keep the titles with them, but when they lose to other contenders, they do not surrender their titles to WWE.

The time when wrestlers, unfortunately, lose their titles, they can keep their belts at home with customized names but have no right to walk in public and attend the press meeting with the title. They technically lose the hold of their titles.

WWE Belt Gold?
WWE belts of gold (Credits: Bleacher Report)

Are the WWE belts real Gold and Diamonds?

When Ted Dibiase failed to settle the WWE championship, he introduced the million dollar championship, and his belt contains three diamonds which are on the back of the center plate, and it is known that the whole center plate is gold platted.

On the other hand, the WWE belts which everyone talks about, are made of ordinary metals and alloys. Those small glittery stones and those diamonds one could see shining on the belt are not the real ones but are cubic zirconia, which is similar to the appearance of diamonds but cheaper and shiny.

Thus aluminum and tin plates are the most common metals which are used in designing the WWE titles, and all the center plates are pure gold plated, which gives a shiny and beautiful appearance giving it a championship look and a feel of winning. Thus this is how the belts are made attractive enough to grab the attention of all fans and wrestlers.


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