Isaiah Stewart’s Net Worth: How Much Is The Detroit Pistons Prospect Worth?

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Isaiah Stewart's Net Worth: How Much Is The Detroit Pistons Prospect Worth?
Isaiah Stewart's Net Worth: How Much Is The Detroit Pistons Prospect Worth?

Isaiah Stewart’s name has been going up and down the internet for a long time. What is Isaiah Stewart’s net worth? Where does Isaiah Stewart live? For which team does Isaiah Stewart play? These are a few of the commonly asked about professional basketball. Isaiah Stewart had a good year, and since his debut, it has been all about him. People love him and even adore his playing style. The Detroit Pistons’ star will be a big name in the sports industry, as predicted by many basketball pundits. His numbers are quite strong to back up the pundits. But we will be skipping all those details in this article and keep our focus only on his net worth and lifestyle.

Recently, Isaiah Stewart had a feud with one of the best NBA players of all time, LeBron James. There has been a lot of talk going around based on this matter. Speaking of his net worth, Isaiah Stewart has various sources of income, and we will slowly untie all the knots. Having received the Naismith Prep Player of the Year, the basketball lad’s fame has been growing. The fans are quite excited to know about him, and we are here to fulfill that wish. So keep on reading the article to know all the details about the upcoming star, but do not get jealous seeing his net worth at such a young age.

Isaiah Stewart’s Net Worth

The net worth of Isaiah Stewart is estimated to be $3 million. To be exact, his net worth stands at $3,277,080. Isaiah Stewart has had a growing net worth since 2017. At first, in his college years, he had a net worth of $2 million. As the years passed, his net worth grew from $2.5 million to $2.8 million, and ultimately to where it stands today. Isaiah Stewart has a current salary of $250,000. It will only grow from here. His income is not only from playing basketball but also from the promotions and advertisements he does. He signed a contract with Detroit Pistons for four years, and at the end of the 4th year, his salary will be around $15 million approximately.

Isaiah Stewart's Net Worth: How Much Is The Detroit Pistons Prospect Worth?
Isaiah Stewart During His Feud With LeBron James

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Isaiah Stewart’s Early Life

Isaiah Stewart II was born on 22nd May 2001 in Rochester, New York. Dela Stewart, his father, is originally from Jamaica but later immigrated to the United States. Isaiah Stewart’s parents made each other in New York after his father moved to New York. After meeting Isaiah’s mother, Shameka Holloway, he worked in a construction site. In his younger days, Isaiah was fond of soccer and boxing, but growing up his interest shifted to basketball. At age 10, he played his first organized basketball match. His height and athleticism were there to back him. Just at 12 years old, he stood at 6 feet.

Isaiah Stewart's Net Worth: How Much Is The Detroit Pistons Prospect Worth?
Isaiah Stewart With His Family

After a couple of years, at age 14, he stood at 2.01 meters. He was studying in McQuaid Jesuit High School at that point. Over there, his numbers were quite astonishing at 18.5 points and 12.4 rebounds per game. His performance in the freshman year earned him the Rochester City Athletic Conference player of the year. Isaiah Stewart went to La Lumiere School in his junior year, and even there, his performance spoke for him. He had a major drawback when he broke his tailbone during the US National Team U-16 tryouts in 2016. After that, he went to Washington College. Their college team, Washington Huskies, made him a star. He was a regular starter for them.

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Isaiah Stewart’s Career

Isaiah Stewart was recruited to Detroit Pistons from the Washington Huskies. He is a five-star recruit and was considered among the top players of 2019. His senior career started in 2020. Mr. Basketball USA stands at 2.06 meters and plays at the center forward and power forward. As mentioned above, the basketball leviathan speaks for himself. In 2021, he was named in the NBA All-Rookie Second Team. Currently, he represents the US national basketball team. In 2018, he won the Gold Medal in FIBA World U17 Cup in Argentina.

Isaiah Stewart is a good player and has a bright. Every player has occasional downs in their career, and his feud with LeBron James is one of them. For the moment, he should focus on his career and bring out his absolute best. And who knows, just like his career, his net worth might reach more than $100 million. We have all the right to be jealous of him.

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