Jaylen Brown Reacts to Defensive Strategy in Celtics’ Blowout Win Over Warriors

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Celtics’ Jaylen Brown: ‘Disrespectful’ for Warriors to Dare Me to Shoot the Ball

After spearheading the Boston Celtics to a resounding 140-88 victory over the Golden State Warriors, Jaylen Brown didn’t hold back on discussing the defensive approach employed against him.

Brown, who tallied a game-high 29 points, expressed his surprise at the Warriors’ decision to leave him wide open in the first quarter, daring him to take shots.

Scoring 19 points in the opening period, Brown showcased his shooting prowess, sinking three consecutive three-pointers within a 40-second span.

This remarkable start propelled the Celtics to a commanding 44-22 lead by the end of the first quarter, setting the tone for the rest of the game. Boston dominated throughout, establishing a lead that stretched to as much as 56 points, marking the third-largest victory margin in franchise history.

In his impressive performance, Brown shot 11-of-19 from the field, including five successful three-pointers out of 10 attempts. Notably, the Celtics made NBA history by securing their third win of the season with a margin exceeding 50 points.

Reflecting on the strategy adopted by opponents, Brown emphasized that he doesn’t take it personally when teams choose to challenge him to shoot. Despite feeling somewhat disrespected by this tactic, Brown remained unfazed, asserting that he simply executed his strengths on the court.

Warriors forward Draymond Green revealed that their decision to sag off Brown was made just minutes before leaving the locker room. Although Green found it intriguing to experiment with this strategy, he admitted that it ultimately failed to yield the desired results.

Responding to a video of Warriors head coach Steve Kerr explaining the defensive approach, Brown expressed his desire for more teams to adopt similar tactics against him, suggesting confidence in his ability to exploit such opportunities.

The Celtics’ triumph extended their winning streak to 11 games, further solidifying their impressive record of 48-12. Looking ahead, Boston will embark on a challenging five-game road trip, commencing with a matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday.

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