Julian Erosa Gears Up for UFC Vegas 89: Returning Strong and Ready to Fight Often

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Julian Erosa plans to “drag” Ricardo Ramos into deep waters at UFC Vegas 89: “He has less stamina and less heart than I do”

Julian Erosa had anticipated a swifter return to the octagon than the one he’s facing at UFC Vegas 89.

Since his last bout in April, where he endured a disputed first-round knockout against Fernando Padilla, Erosa has undergone a significant transition, including changing coaches. This shift prompted a hiatus, although Erosa himself was eager to return to action.

“After my last fight, I discussed with my management about transitioning to Xtreme Couture with Eric Nisick as my head coach. Although it wasn’t a move to a different state or gym, the transition was crucial. Eric has been part of my journey for the last six years, so the adjustment was seamless,” Erosa shared.

Returning to the cage, Erosa faces Ricardo Ramos at UFC Vegas 89. With two consecutive losses behind him, Erosa acknowledges the possibility of fighting for his spot on the roster. However, he finds comfort in performing when the spotlight isn’t glaring.

Julian Erosa
Julian Erosa (Credits: UFC)

“I thrive when there’s less pressure. When you’re on a winning streak, the expectations rise. But after two losses, the pressure eases because people expect less,” Erosa explained.

Confident in his matchup against Ramos, Erosa sees an opportunity to capitalize on his opponent’s weaknesses. He aims to extend the fight, exposing Ramos’s purported lack of endurance and resolve, ultimately aiming for a stoppage victory.

“I want to test his stamina and heart. The longer it goes, the better for me. My last two fights ended prematurely, but I believe I can capitalize on the latter half of the bout,” Erosa expressed.

A win over Ramos would propel Erosa back into featherweight contention, setting him on a trajectory similar to his status before the Caceres fight. However, his primary objective for 2024 is to remain active in the cage.

“A victory over Ramos puts me back on track. But my goal for this year is to stay as active as possible,” Erosa concluded.


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